Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Chapel Joy at 6 months


Stop It.

I thought I was heartbroken watching River & Wylder grow up. But its at a whole new level with Chapel.


I just love this stage and mostly I just really appreciate that I can still leave her in one spot & she doesnt move .. and she doesnt talk back to me .. and she doesnt fight with her sibling .. and umm hello chubby adorable little legs and baby babbling and sweet giggles and cuddles and sleeping a whole lot.

Ohhhh I just dont want her to change. ever.


But of course she is. So much has changed over the last few weeks.

at her 6mo appt (like 3 weeks ago) she was 14lbs & 14ounces. She is about in the 50th percentile for girls. (p to the s .. I had no idea girls & boys have different charts. duh!) 


Shes eating more. talking more. putting her tushy in the air wanting to figure out how to move forward. she is sitting up. (still falling over after a minute or so .. but she is sitting up) she is grabbing EVERYTHING. she found her little footsies. shes figuring out how to put her own binky in her mouth and how to feed herself (by putting her mouth on the tray and picking up food that way!) she is watching & laughing at her brothers. She is hootin and hollerin when you arent paying attention to her. She is growing out of clothes. and she is somehow even cuter than before.


the biggest change is probably her personality. Its starting to come out more & more. She is still quiet at times (normally with new people or in large crowds) but when she lets her little guard down she is LOUD and funny.


She wasnt babbling or cooing much at all. Like not at all. So much so that it was recommended we talked to the doctor about it. He just said that if by 9 months she wasnt saying anything or cooing or doin the whole "mama" thing we would check her hearing. She made noise (these hilarious growl noises) but never cooed and was just more quiet. (she was social & smiled & engaged.. so seriously all Im saying was he wanted to make sure she could hear!) But then right after she turned six months old something clicked and she started cooing. Then the day before my birthday she said "mama" precious. She talks the most these days when you are ignoring her! And now she is a little too loud at times! ha

Oh and she said dada yesterday! 


Also, per her doctors recommendation & advice, we let her cry it out at night the last couple weeks. (even when she was sleeping in the room with us while guests were here.. which is just down right awful but we have people staying with us a lot over the next few weeks so I knew I couldnt use that as an excuse or she would be 8 months old still waking up at night) anyway .. she is now sleeping through the night. (at least the last 4-5 days) Which I knew she could do. Its just hard not to be short sighted and think "if I feed her she will go back to sleep and sleep probably even later." She is waking up earlier now but Im sure that wont last forever. Thankful that the transition was still pretty painless! Praise the Lord.


She still naps 3-4 times a day. Wakes up anywhere from 6:00-7:00am. Starts napping around 8:30-9:00 and then just goes from there. She is normally in bed around 6:00pm-7:00pm. And she is officially our first child to not be sleeping with a binky. I give her one during the day if she is fussy or tired and I need her to stay awake a little longer .. other than that she doesnt use one.


Oh and the last 3 days I havent given her any of her reflux medicine! I havent noticed a huge difference either so I guess that means she is officially off the medicine! We planned on taking her off it but really it only happened because I forgot to give it to her 2 days in a row and then I just went with it!


Chapel .. youre pretty amazing & the most adorable thing Ive ever seen. Your little thighs, squishy nose, gorgeous eyes, pursed little lips and gummy smile are my favorite. Im so thankful for you and how the Lord has perfectly knit you together.. having a daughter has been so sweet! I never would have known it. what a wonderful.. wonderful.. wonderful gift.



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  1. She is so stinking cute and such a mix of you two. but I mainly see YOU!