Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wylders first haircut and then his second a few days later

The other week I was outside & walked in to what I thought was the boys about to take a bath and instead heard the most awful scream I have ever heard coming from Wylder.

I ran up to see what could possibly be happening (since I knew he was with Freeland)

only to find that Freeland was chopping his hair off.

And Wylder was terrified to say the least.

Of course he asked me to help hold him down.

Im all for the "thats fine .. it has to be done .. he will survive .. its okay to give him shots .. etc.etc.etc" mentality. BUT when your child is terrified like that and your husband wants you to be the one he is staring at and holding him down for an extended period of time ...

no thanks.

But I did it anyway.

And Freeland stopped eventually. I got over the fact that I had no idea he was chopping off his hair. I mean, it needed to be cut .. but in the back and the sides. NOT CHOPPED OFF. I also got over that his first haircut wasnt documented like Rivers was. (pitty party for 1 over something stupid over here)

And to be honest, it looked AWFUL. Like .. hilariously awful. Some pieces were so short it looked shaved .. others so long you could possibly braid them. ;)

But I really didnt mind.

However, Freeland refused to let it stay that way. And called the hair place to get it fixed.

I went ahead and let Freeland know that I would not be attending that appointment with him. ha

I forgot to take before pictures so I ran out to the car as they were leaving. This was the best I could get:






In those pictures above it actually looks really good & I like it.

But you cant see all the parts where there was a missing chunk and it looked like Wylder possibly ripped out pieces of his own hair.

Here is the after:



Lets ignore that he instantly became a teenager. I think for the next 5 days I just couldnt believe how older he looked already. (he also had a HUGE growth spurt recently so that combined with the cut just made me realize he is no longer my sweet little baby boy .. annnnd his temper tantrums help remind me of that too!;)

Im not crazy about it .. but I do LOVE it when its styled:





So there is that.. his first 2 haircuts all in one week. And probably not again for another year. Bless the woman who somehow managed to fix it while he screamed, and whaled, and went cray cray. 

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