Tuesday, May 14, 2013

pillow forts, castles, and tunnels oh my

their new favorite 'activity'


EVERY pillow in the house. Crammed in the doorway.

It switches between a castle, a tunnel, an airplane, a fort, and a bed to sleep in.

(the bed to sleep in part  is when I tell them its time to go to bed and start cleaning up .. they say they are sleeping there and pretend to go to sleep ... so they dont have to clean! ;)









the relationship between these 2 is somethin!

I feel like most days Im watching a game of copy cat or simon says. Wylder walks around doing almost literally the same thing River does, says, etc. all day long. River gets upset if Wylder doesnt want to play with him. Wylder gets upset if he was holding a toy 24 hours ago and River touches it! Ha. They laugh at each other about things I cant understand. River "whispers" and tells wylder "come on, shhhhhh come over here" and then they go play.

Its going to be fun to watch this develop. I love it.

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