Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Freeland is back from Africa!

2 weeks later .. and he's home!!

(technically 12 days but 2 weeks sounds so much better, right?)

I quickly snagged these off his phone. There are a ton of pictures he has to share. The hospital he was at took amazing pictures (there are even pics of him operating which is the first time Ive ever been able to see him operating! So awesome!) So I'll have to post those. Or shoot, maybe I convince Freeland to share them with his own words! ;)

Freeland and quincy .. look at that smile. To think he was without a mother, father, or family not to long ago and now you can just see love & joy all over that boys sweet face!

Naomi's Village

'coloring' with the kids

Freeland with little Noami

Kenya is really beautiful in case you didnt know!

pick up soccer game

and the hospital Freeland was at:


This was his welcome home committee..

We surprised him and met him at the airport with signs and all.

(it may have felt like he was gone a lot longer than he was! ;)


River running to Freeland.

Stop. It.

I know.


big scoop you up hugs.


The boys were over the moon. Chapel smiled ear to ear. (she was in the bjorn which is why she isnt in pictures) I was super happy. It was a fun night.

The Lord was so faithful on this trip. Freeland got the best of both worlds for sure.. spending time at Naomi's Village & getting to operate and do what he is being trained to do. (add getting so much time with Bob & Julie and thats just icing on the cake right there!) He was also there during the mudslides & horrible storms they had so he has pictures of that too. The town is destroyed. It was shocking to see.

The Lord was also so faithful to us here. The time really did fly by and to be honest (aside from getting the stomach bug) just felt like he was working his normal hours! ha

Seriously, the fact that we all survived the month of April & Freeland's schedule .. and with a smile on our face is definitely a testimony to God. For reals yall! 

Like I said, I'll share more pictures soon. Today he is back at work and just like that we are back into the swing of things .. of course not without the Lord still working and changing our hearts. Thats the most beautiful thing about going .. you come home changed. 


  1. you have a miraculous hubby and your faith is inspiring to us. have a great day brooke!

  2. those pictures with the boys are too cute.

    Also, I vote for a Freeland guest post! Do It! DO IT!