Wednesday, April 10, 2013

the boy who no longer wants to sleep

we've officially hit the stage where River does everything in his willpower to NOT sleep.

I seriously thought he would be my child that took naps (willingly) until kindergarten.. or at least until he was 4?! He loves sleep. He requires lots of it. And he has always been great at taking a nap.. like a supa long at least 3 hour nap too.

I could have counted on one hand the number of naps he refused to take in his entire life. (not counting when he was transitioning his naps)

that is until 3 months ago.

Now he's been putting up a pretty darn good fight too. sometimes playing in his bed for 3 hours until he falls asleep. (I know, Im sure its ridiculous that I let him fight it that long. Or maybe its normal?)

Ive seen a bunch of my friends say their kids did the same thing and they stuck it out and their kids all the sudden went back to napping so thats what Ive done as well.

This last week he actually went back to taking a nap. Who knows if it will stick. (currently he is in his room singing and talking to who knows who?!)

I'll still have "rest time" no matter what because he needs to rest and take a break and calm down or else he goes crazy... like out of control, testosterone hyper, crazy. 

This was one day he told me for hours he wasnt tired.. and 2 seconds later :


I took advantage and got lots of pictures of him quietly snoozing away.

Nothing sweeter than a quiet child sleeping.. ;)

I was in his room banging and making tons of noise .. out like a light.




the crazy thing is if he falls asleep - he wants to sleep for at least 3 hours. So I know he is tired.

(or I assume he is since he sleeps for song long once he does fall asleep?!)

I normally end up having to wake him up.



finally starting to wake up:


so confused.. why are you in here snappin me sleeping?


here's what happens if he doesnt nap.. he wants to crash right at 3 or 4:00 on the couch:




I do know eventually we are headed towards no naps because when he does nap he has the hardest time falling asleep at night.

Sometimes he will toss and turn until 10:00 unable to fall asleep. So, as much as I want to keep his naps who knows what will happen. Ive read that its a sign they may be ready .. when its disrupting bedtime. Who knows!? (ya'll probably do) but I definitely have no idea what Im doing as this is new territory for me!

Whatever he does really is fine. Im just thankful that he's been a great sleeper up until now! I really cant complain I suppose! 

Side note: I feel like half of parenting right now is just figuring out new tricks that work each week with my kids. Like: one week it was promising River he could go out and build a snowman if he napped - he'd fall asleep within 5 minutes with that! And it worked for a short time. Now its letting him hold a car in bed .. if he doesnt stay quiet we take it away. Its working for the time being also.

Im sure next week it will be something new! ;) 


  1. I remember those days well. My son is about 1 year older than River. He gave up his nap at 2.5 just when I started staying home. I gave up when it started to interfer with bedtime. We either battled at bedtime or nap time. Once we cut out the daily nap, bedtime was super easy again. And early! With that being said he still napped about 2 times a week for a year. Just not everyday. If you can get him to do quiet time in his room I would stick to that. Now at 4 it's really really rare, but that's ok because it gives us a more flexible schedule and time for just us without little sister. Good luck!!

  2. I agree. With both of my kids they dropped their naps around age 3 (like the week of their birthdays). they both just refused and if they did fall asleep then they were up until 10pm at night, so I just decided I would rather have my time in the evening than fighting for it in the middle of the day. Just my 2 cents!

  3. He's sweet. How do you get him to stay in his bed even just to play quietly? Bribes no longer work for Evan. He just jumps right out and runs for the door. Sometimes I can finally get him down but then he cries for me to lay with him until he is fast asleep and is at our bed 2 hours later. Such a regression from the first few months in his bed that was so perfect. Naps are getting better but bedtime is the worst and getting him to stay in bed and all night. Maybe it's because the baby is coming but nothing works to keep him there or get him excited about the "big boy bed".

  4. Caleb gave up his naps at 18 months. Abby started either skipping her nap or crying forever at bedtime when she turned two. Seems like it varies so much from kid to kid! However, I love the idea of keeping a "quiet time" no matter what age they stopping napping. It has worked well for us...I need it way more then they do! We let the kids have toys or books in their beds for an hour or so. Abby will fall asleep on top of the toys if she is tired and wants to nap. Caleb is allowed the full range of his room now and can leave to go to the bathroom anytime he needs to.

  5. Oh girl, when they skip nap and then try to fall asleep at 5, I'm all NOOOOOPE. NO, you lost your opportunity. Too late!

  6. This is Owen EXACTLY. Very high sleep requirement. Wants to nap for three hours. If I wake him, he is a disaster the rest of the day. If he doesn't nap he has no idea what to do with himself. Although he has never, ever fallen asleep on the couch.

    He wakes up at 9am (between 830-930), naps from 230-530, bed at 9... sings in his crib until ELEVEN. I discussed this schedule with the pediatrician at his 3 yr visit. She said, "If it's not broken don't fix it." He stays up later at night so that he can see Daddy. We eat dinner later in hopes that J can join us. The boys nap in the afternoon at the same time and that's my ME time to cook, work, sleep, watch TV, chores. We may need to change things once he goes to preschool a few days per week in the fall, AND I fear once we introduce the big boy bed, the night time shenanigans will be horrible if he's coming out of his room. But I'm trying to just let it ride for now.

    SO long story short - YES EXACTLY THIS. ALso? He hasn't napped in two days.

  7. It's amazing how similar Carter and Owen's schedules are and this week he has refused his nap three times! Today I had just had it and left him in his room crying about not being tired. Seriously within two minutes he curled up on his pillow and passed out for 2.5hrs. I am not ready for naps to end because I need that time during the day to get shizz done! Today all I could handle was taking a nap myself hahaha I hope we have nap/quiet time until well through kindergarten because it makes such a difference in his behavior but then here we are at 9:15 at night and C is still running around like a wild banshee. It's a trade off I guess. Either no nap and I get my evenings alone, or I get my afternoons free and he stays up all night long.