Wednesday, April 3, 2013

River turns 3

Ladies and gents .. this is a 3 year old:


Holy smokes. How did that happen? He's a little kid now!

So, we decided not to do a birthday party this year. Instead we spent the day as a family and I couldnt have been more happy with that decision. It was perfect.

Freeland just happened to be post call so he had the day off and was able to be here the entire day. THANK YOU LORD! I told River not every 3 year old boy gets to have their daddy home all day so we had to praise the Lord for orchestrating that out!

We woke River up to singing. Here is his response:


typical 3 year old? He didnt know what to do so he yelled noooooo! 

But then he smiled and loved it.


He especially loved when we went downstairs and had breakfast waiting for him..



eating breakfast as a family. (with Chapel in bed)

what a blessing


practicing saying he is 3:


at this point he was happy with everything and had no idea gifts were waiting for him.

Here he is reading all the cards friends & family sent:


this is from aunt camille .. he thought it was hilarious to see himself drawn in a picture:



then he got one of his gifts from my mom & mark .. which they actually sent for Christmas and we saved until now:



 a remote control thomas.

Id say he was in love.


only problem .. so was wylder! ;)




it was a long morning practicing sharing new toys. This was the main thing that was different from last year. Last year Wylder couldnt grab all the new toys quiet as well from River! ;)



Then a little break for a movie:


and back to more gifts from Lady & Big Chiz.


(what you cant see is River even hiding the clothes he got from Wylder! ha)

After naps we loaded up and took the kids to the botanical gardens since we have a membership there. River LOVED running around and going crazy.










Wylder definitely loved that we let him roam free as well. The boy loves to wonder around!


I was so shocked that River actually loved hugging and hanging out with this bee. He wasnt the least bit scared or nervous?! Is that what happens at 3?? My shy child is no longer shy? He is all the sudden brave and curious and social!!?! I'll take it.

(proof Chapel & I were there! :)

After running around we went to a celebratory dinner at Chick Fil A - which we later realized was the only food River even had all day after his cinnamon rolls in the morning .. guess we were all too busy having fun to realize he needed to stop & eat! oops


Once we got home we opened the last of his gifts.. my mom ordered him some pretend food & kitchen supplies. He loves pretending to cook and eat so it was perfect!



(that kitchen set we found on the side of the road in the trash! It was intended for Chapels room but we put it downstairs instead.. the boys LOVE IT!)


cooking food for us to eat. and "drinking coffee"


The only thing River asked to have for his birthday was cookies & ice cream. Seriously ..

River what type of cake do you want? Cookies and Ice Cream
What kind of party do you want? Cookies and Ice Cream
What presents do you want? Cookies and Ice Cream

That I can HAPPILY do!!!

So we introduced him to our beloved pazookie!!

(after Wylder went to bed)




by this point he was SO tired and overwhelmed from the rest of the day he wouldnt even eat the cookie! what?!?!? It was crazy. I picked him up and he literally fell asleep in my lap! This has never happened people! Being 3 is tiring!  (and praise the Lord there was no party involved! Im afraid what that would have looked like by this point in the night if we had done that!)


It was a perfect day. He had such a blast. Im so thankful he is still at an age where he is easy to please and life is simple enough to enjoy just being together and doing things we easily do all the time!

It helps finding joy in celebrating just him when we keep it so laid back!

We also spent a chunk of the day talking about our favorite memories with him and the things we love about him. It was bittersweet thinking through all of our favorite moments in the last 3 years. I cant believe how fast its gone by.

He really is a such a blessing. Even though he has given us a preview of the struggles being 3 will bring .. he's also more than showed us what a joy it will be also! This little guy is strong willed and passionate and has the most encouraging tender little heart all at the same time! Im so looking forward to seeing what the next year brings!


  1. LOVE! THis entire post is so sweet and I love everything about it! I love River's shirt too...Did you get it at target? I bought it for Emory not realizing it was a boy's shirt (but i would totally put hollis in it, i was just in a hurry to get a couple of button downs for my mom's bday party), so you may recognize it from some pics and yes Emory is sporting the trendy boy shirt! :) Your boys, YOU, F, and sweet CJ are adorable. Love & hugs. B

    1. Brooke .. we did. My step mom got it for him for his birthday. And actually Im so glad you mentioned it because Im definitely saving it for Chapel now! I have no idea what section she got it out of but youre right it does work for both! ;) Love you friend!

  2. Such a sweet post! What a wonderful and memorable day, who needs a party?!?!? You are raising an awesome little boy Brooke!