Friday, April 5, 2013

Chapels first taste of food

{obligatory first bite of food pictures that of course are always hilarious}

It definitely looks different with the 3rd child. She sits on our lap most the time when she is eating.. she tries multiple different foods all at once.. and the other night I even put her to bed and forgot to feed her before bed! Like .. baby food and nursing her! Sorry Chapel.

(ps: she still slept to the same time in the middle of the night too so I guess my theory about her eating at night or waking because she is hungry it out the window! ;)

So, we tried out some food on Chapel right when she turned 4 months.

We skipped rice cereal and oatmeal per the doctors recommendation. They only recommended we skip it because she is "gut sensitive" and said it might upset her stomach and wasnt an issue to go straight to veggies.

Here are her first thoughts:


oh dear God no .. not again


why are you doing this to me?? 

Ha. Since then she actually decided she loves eating. She eats super slow if its a green veggie but other stuff she scarfs down.

I did give her apples & oatmeal and that night she moaned and groaned the entire night in bed so Im not sure if it did upset her stomach or not? But I'll take a break from the grains.

BTW .. this doesnt make sense to me as Wylder scarfed down oatmeal every single day when he was 4 months old to help get his weight up and it never upset him even though he was a "gut sensitive" baby. But I guess maybe Chapel is just different. ;)

Also this one fa-reaks out that we are giving baby food to chapel and not him:


he seriously finishes off every jar that she doesnt finish. And he begs for bites every single time Im feeding her. He literally tries to crawl in my lap and begs. It actually works out quiet nice that he finishes off the green beans and peas when she doesnt want them! ha

this kid!



He's also ALWAYS playing with Chapels shoes! ;)



  1. He is too adorable. Love his pictures and your little girl's faces! OH MY GOODNESS! Sooo cute and funny. Will started on rice cereal despite our pediatrician's recommendation because he was preemie. It's helped his weight, helped his sleep and he loves it! Mommy knows best and I think you going straight to veggies and fruits is what Chapel needs! PS. I love all your names. Your name, your husbands and your kids are all just wonderful together. Picture Perfect! :)