Monday, March 4, 2013

youre welcome

 2 adorable little tushes... Youre welcome! ;)

neither of which are actually potty trained. not to worry

Its been brought to my attention that Im slacking on my post! And Im just here to please people so here is a small update!

This weekend we had some friends in town from when we were in Erie.

The Lee's
The Lynne's
and The Glupkers.

It was SO fun. 8 adults + 9 kids all running around all weekend.

It was such a blessing to reconnect and have our kids see each other again. Im so thankful to just pick up where we left off and have friends around who know us so well. I deeply miss those friendships and Im thankful that during such a short time in Erie we all became life long friends. I just wish every single one of us could have been together. One day we will for sure do a reunion that everyone can come to! How amazing will that be!

Anyway, we're resting and getting recuperated today. I have lots of photos to share from the past month. And I have a few post that people have asked me to share so I'll work on those too!

After I nap! ;)

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  1. Oh I had actually planned to sleep when the boys slept and they BOTH vetoed nap time. I almost cried. And it's 10:06pm and Linc still isn't home from work. Needless to say I have eaten all the chocolate in our house...hahaha