Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wylder Davis

This little man isnt so little any more. He's 19 months now so I thought Id give an update since he is over the 1.5 year mark.

He is seriously such a joy. Yes, he throws fits and has some pretty big emotions (especially when River is teasing him) but I would definitely summarize who he is and his personality by saying he is joyful.


He is silly and pretty much all you have to do to make him laugh is look at him. Its such a blessing and something Freeland & I pray daily he continues to have and that his life will be marked by: Joy

He is more "rough & tumble" than River. He likes when you hit him and mess with him. River likes it when Freeland does this .. Wylder likes it when anyone does it. He thinks its hilarious and tries to get River to do it at times (even though he still throws a fit after River hits him .. he laughs the entire time too)


He is super chatty all the time. Just the other day my mom asked him what he was doing and he said "Im eating blueberries" UMMM WHAT? I had no idea he could put that together. There pretty much isnt anything he cant or wont say. Our doctor said kids his age (as the second child) either talk super early or super late and since River never speaks FOR Wylder .. he thinks that is the reason Wylder talks so much so early.


He loves to read. Thats still one of his favorite things to do. His attention span is pretty long when a book is involved. He's also super super cuddly and prefers our laps most the time. SUCH a difference from when he was a baby. We love it. He loves cars, trucks, choo choo's, elmo, and curious george. He also loves basketball. Its the one thing he absolutely refuses to share when he has. Im interested to see this summer when he is outside if he likes baseball or anything as much?

He still eats well but is sometimes picky. He definitely still throws food on the floor which drives me bonkers. But he is getting better. He loves to feed himself and he always does unless a spoon is involved. He can do it on his own but he is so distracted that he normally throws something across the room without realizing it. ha


He sleeps well. He falls asleep super fast which I love. He sometimes wakes up early but he is easy to keep awake even when he is tired. He doesnt always melt down like his brother would at his age. (Unless he is exhausted) He sleeps from 6:00pm - 6:00 or 7:00am. I never get him out of bed before 7. Even if he wakes up before then. He finally naps longer in the afternoon. Normally from 11:00 - 1:45 or 2:00.

Oh and he just started having some separation anxiety. When I pull into the parking lot for my bible study now he starts crying. And then he cries from then on until after I drop him off. But he stops after that so Im thankful. It is heartbreaking to hear him scream. Im glad to know it wont last.


Im thankful for his BIG personality. Im thankful for how social he is and how silly & playful he is. Im thankful for how well he loves River & Chapel. And Im incredibly thankful for his life. We love you little man & I cant believe we will soon be celebrating your 2nd birthday! 

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