Thursday, March 14, 2013

the start of this years garden

When we moved in to this house one of our favorite things was the backyard. And the fact that the backyard already had an established garden was just a bonus.

here it is when we first moved in last year. Over grown in some area and needing some TLC.

We waited last summer to see what came up on its own and what we had to work with. Of course there are lots of herbs, some carrots, peas, radishes (who eats those? just kidding) we had strawberries and tomatoes but the rabbits/squirrels ate them.. they never stood a chance.

The best thing about the garden is the soil. Its been 'worked' for the last 10 years so its in great condition (so Im told! ;)

Guys, you should see our compost. Its amazing. Freeland is over the moon about it!



River loved the garden last summer. He loved going and "raking" the dirt and pulling up the veggies when they were ready.

I cant wait to see how he does this year. I want to make him his own section where he can do whatever he wants. And Im anxious to see what Wylder thinks the summer. If I had to guess he will just walk out there and pull everything at once. ha.



So now that we know whats there and have something to go off of we are doing our own this time.  Stuff we will use and that I hate buying at the store. I cant wait.

We hope to make the garden even larger and work to keep all the darn adorable critters out of it this time. Freelands been planning it all winter.

This is mostly his + River's project. (im just hear to do the reporting. ha)

I really do like it and Ive been doing some of the research too. (like making pinterest boards and saying "here this is what I like!" :)





ps: thank you curious george for your episode on gardens and plants growing and compost... Im hoping that helps River get it just a little more.

Now if this cold weather would just move on out so we could get the party started.

PS: if you want to see here is my pinterest board. We've actually found lots of great sites for doing gardens with toddlers and other ones that help you plan your garden based on the veggies/fruit you are using & the area you are located. 


  1. Yay! I'm so excited for you guys! I wondered what you decided fencing-wise to keep out the bunnies. I'm actually moving my garden this year and have a bunch of picket fencing sitting in the garage to make a "cute" surround sort of like one I saw on your pinterest board and fell in love with. Problem is this year I plan to make our garden bigger also, and it's not enough length. Anyway, we will figure it out I'm sure! I just am excited for you and LOVE your new blogger header too. It seems like it suits your personality and style so well!