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Simply Delicious Pies

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to bake. If I could bake for every meal instead of cook then Id be one happy camper.. (a fat & happy camper for sure!) I love baking and I especially love baking for other people.

Well, consider this my resignation. (ha)

Going forward I will buy you a pie from Simply Delicious Pies instead of baking anything for you if you come visit us.

Why bake when you can just buy something that is so much better?

So, you may remember when Freeland & my dad went a year without desserts? Well, you may also remember that the weekend they decided to have dessert again we ventured out to the local pie shop and got them pies?

PS: How adorable is it to say you have a local pie shop?

Well, I was recently fortunate enough to review 2 more pies from the same bakery: Simply Delicious Pies.

And let me just say they did not disappoint. (thankfully because I was ready to give an honest review of each of the pies regardless of whether or not they won us over!)

We decided to order the pies one weekend when Sarah & Drew were also in town to help celebrate Drews 30th birthday & their official adoption day the next week! Drews mom is an amazing baker and not to brag on her or anything but she's even won Crisco Pie Baking Competitions for her pie before so I feel like Sarah & Drew have a pretty high standard when it comes to pie and they were just the couple to join us in reviewing the pies.

So geared up & ready to make an honest opinion about the pies we ordered the trusty pecan pie and quiche lorraine.

Lets start with the pecan shall we?


We chose pecan pie because we knew its a pie thats easier to say either "I love it," "its just okay," or "please never make me eat that again." We all also happen to love pecan pie.. and ever since we tried their cream pies with my dad Ive been wanting to go back & try the pecan! I knew if their pecan pie was good they would officially win us all over as loyal customers.

(no pressure or anything .. jeez)


And wouldnt you know .. all of our expectations were way over exceeded! I mean .. chello. This pie was amazing. I know it sounds like Im over exaggerating but trust me people, Im not! Its seriously so good! All four of us agreed!


Im really not sure what was the best part. The crust, the filling, or the amazing pecans on top. The pecans on top are whole pecans, which normally I thought I didnt like, but this pie proved me wrong. And Freeland disclosed to me that he preferred it this way going forward. And did I mention the crust? Because it was the most delicious buttery crust ever. It was the perfect mix of sweet without being overbearing. I found myself picking at the crust just as much as I was the pie. The filling was also perfectly sweet with out being too rich or overwhelming either. And sometimes with pecan pies you can get too much filling & not enough of the pecan crust on top or vise versa .. not the case here. It was a great balance of everything all together.


Sarah & I couldnt stop eating the pie. We actually both finished it off before anyone else got more of it. Oops! (wish I could say that was an accident;)

This is definitely being added to my list to order for every holiday going forward!


Next up, the quiche lorraine.


Simply Delicious Pies has savory pies as well. (pot pies & quiches) So we sampled one of their quiches.  Honestly, I wasnt expecting too much since a quiche is a quiche right?



Umm I might even recommend this over the dessert pies. Its that good. Id happily eat it for dessert anytime! The quiche was perfectly fluffy & dense at the same time. From the caramelized onions to the once again perfect crust .. its a new favorite. Those of you familiar with La Madeline .. this definitely tops their quiche. And that is saying a lot.


Technically I am not eating dairy right now as it produces an incredibly fussy and unhappy baby but I of course had to try it (I mean .. the people want to know!) and then I couldnt stop eating it. It was worth enduring Chapel being slightly fussy for a little bit.

And it was officially decided anytime guest are in town this will be a new staple at our house going forward.


The kids also devoured it: (and Wylder normally wont eat eggs!)

All the kids circled around Freeland trying to steal his piece of the quiche!

(we didnt even let them try the other pie .. we kept all that for us! smart parents)

Needless to say, all of us were amazed. We loved both the pies. I would highly recommend trying everyone of the pies (both sweet & savory) at Simply Delicious. I should also mention that the customer service is great! Its 2 sisters (Brittany & Beth) who own & run the store. They are super friendly and you can tell they are excited & passionate about what they are doing!  You can either place an order & pick it up or you can just stop in and see what they have on hand in the store. (pies come in variations of 6inch, 8inch, or 10inch dishes) Since its a local shop too it makes it even more fun. They treat each customer like a friend stopping in. Its located in a cute little shop in Shaker Heights so anyone in Cleveland should check it out!

If I havent convinced you already .. they were also recently nominated "Best Desserts" on Clevelands Hot List. So, now you know its not just us who thinks they are the best desserts!

PS: I was only asked to review 2 pies but just for an added bonus we also ordered their cherry pie because I just couldnt help myself and you guys! OH MY GOSH! I couldnt stop eating it. And Ive been thinking about it ever since.. So I just have to share that one too:


It has a crumble topping that was amazing. And the filling was just the right mix of cherries and filling.. not too tart and not too sweet. And again, the buttery crust was over the top good.

We all loved this one just as much.

if this picture doesnt convince you to try it then you may need your eyes checked. I was basically licking this pan clean the next day.

I especially love that they look like homemade pies.


PS: the pecan pie & quiche pictured are in the 6inch pan. The cherry pie is in the 8 inch pan. And we've also had the coconut cream pie & Chocolate cream pie and Id highly recommend those as well if you are curious)

Thank you Beth & Brittany for letting us enjoy your pies! They were just the right way to help us celebrate such a big weekend!

Here is their website with their menu which rumor has it is about to expand : Simply Delicious Pies
Here is their facebook page: Simply Delicious Pies on Facebook
or you can follow them on Twitter: Simply Delicious Pies on Twitter

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