Friday, March 15, 2013

I will remember this and resolute to do that

(nothing like looking back on the last year and setting goals for this year 3 months late, right?)

I will always remember in 2012 that
we found out we were pregnant while we were in Kenya!
we had our 3rd baby and our first baby girl
celebrated our 5th year of marriage
we were able to travel back to Africa for the 2nd time and visit Naomis Village for the first
went 4 months without watching a single minute of TV!
Left our kiddos for the longest amount of time to date (8 days)
Freeland graduated from Medical School!!!!
We moved for the 800th time in our marriage .. this time to Cleveland
Started another adventure in our 3rd state to live in together. (Texas, Pennsylavania, now Ohio)
Freeland began his first (of 5) years in Residency
I finally started to figure out & become more confident in my role as a mother
The year Wylder learned to walk, talk, and became a little boy
The year River & Wylder's friendship really grew as they both became big brothers again
Buying a house together
The year we became a family that ownes a VAN!
The year we survived the hardest year of marriage yet and saw the other side of it now! Praise the Lord
The time I successfully gave up dairy!
Had to say bye to a lot of life long friends as we all moved away.
Freeland turned the big 3-0
The year we were blessed to have an unusual and amazing amount of guest come see us!
The year we started living on our tightest budget yet! Its been a huge blessing for sure!

I will resolute in 2013 to:
Potty train our first child (maybe our second too??)
Put our first born in preschool
Cheer on Freeland as he begins his second year of Residency
Celebrate Freeland getting to go back to Africa for the 3rd time! Such a blessing
Maybe make it my first year in 4 without being pregnant?
Actually do all my annual visits at the eye doctor and dentist. (hate making time for those!)
Finally work out. I feel passionate that I want to be healthy as Im only gettin older!
Cook healthy meals for our family. Maybe cook vegetables for the first time in forever!
Hopefully finish my first bible study from start to finish (I always trail off the last 2 chapters)
Believe God for a miracle for friends & our family.
Continue to pray for vision and promises for our family
The year I will turn 30! Boom! Also, celebrate LOTS of friends 30th birthdays!
Enjoy my kids even more
be okay (ie: accept) that I will no longer take naps
Commit to learn scripture .. even if its just one verse .. its more than before! ha
help with big projects around our house. (like painting the kitchen!)
accept that certain clothes will never fit again & donate them
go on more walks with the kids 

I really do feel like 2012 was such a big year for me personally and us as a family. I learned SO SO much. I feel like I will look back and mostly remember it as the year I grew into my roll as a mother and learned how to better serve Freeland as a wife. Not that Im perfect - but its the year I started learning the most. 

I feel strongly that this year the Lord is calling me to grow in discipline this year and to be faithful with things he has put in front of me. I also feel like he is showing me a few places of insecurity that I have and Im so thankful he is giving me confidence in those places. Im praying for wisdom this year and continued vision for our family. I truly feel that we are in a season of seeking him, growing, and just saying "yes" to whatever he has. So those are the things so far this year he has laid on my heart for myself and for our family. 

strangely .. one of my favorite pictures from the last year.  

Phew! It felt good to finally put that list together!


  1. Follow you on instagram.. if you can check my blog out as well i'd appreciate it! just getting started..

    also, i love that picture! definitely describes a normal, loving family of five! <3 all the love and blessings, melissa

  2. re: scripture memory--check it;

  3. I just love your family... and your list