Friday, March 8, 2013

Freeland is going back to Africa!

I cant believe I havent shared this yet!

Freeland is going back to Africa!!!! 

We've known for a while and now that the time is quickly approaching we are so excited!!

(and Im becoming more & more jealous that I wont be traveling with him this time!)

This will be his 3rd time back to Kenya. And this time the hospital is sending him.

We originally had no idea coming into it & moving here that the hospital Freeland works at fully supports working overseas and allows residents to do just that throughout the year through the Brentwood Foundation that funds the trips.  What an incredible blessing! This was just another thing that completely confirmed the Lord had a purpose in moving us to Cleveland and putting Freeland in the residency program he is in.

So while Freeland is there he will be working with Cure International at their hospital in Kijabe. This is the same hospital he went with during his first trip when he worked with Bob.

Practicing medicine overseas is something Freeland is passionate about. (and praise the Lord he has given Freeland the skills and ability to do it!) This trip he will be doing Orthopedic surgery while he is there. The hospital in kijabe sees children with congenital birth defects like club feet and bowed legs, along with scoliotic deformities and untreated burns.

The amazing part of what CURE does is to change these children's lives. Not only in a physical sense, which is obvious, but in a lifestyle and outlook as well.  These children when brought in are often thought of as cursed and considered to be outcasts of their families b/c of their deformities.  So while there, during and after the operation, these children are loved on and shown the love of Jesus in the most practical way.

The pictures below are a few pictures from a clinic that Freeland got to go to with Bob while he was there last time. Since all the patients are not able to travel they set up clinics in remote villages to find people who need surgery. These are just a few of the patients Freeland snapped a picture of while he was there.





this is where the hospital is:


(Kijabe hospital and Cure are next door to each other)


And drum roll please ... Of course, that hospital just happens to be where Bob & Julie Mendonsa are located and where their Orphanage, Noami's Village, is!!!!!

So Freeland will be staying with the Mendonsa's and spending as much of his free time as possible at the orphanage! Insert my excitement for him. (and my slight jealousy!) What a blessing.

Looking at these pictures made my heart swell up and made me cry. Our last trip there I feel like we were just taking it all in and observing and watching and learning what their lives looked like. I dont think it was until I got home that I realized how much the Lord gave me a heart for all those kids and their sweet precious lives! I cant wait to be able to go back and actually serve the orphanage one day! I feel like we have so many friends who are headed over there soon that Im just amazed with all the Lord is doing and it definitely makes Freeland and I have to work on our patience as we want to be a part of what the Lord is doing too! (in his timing!)

Im so thankful Freeland will be getting the best of both worlds while he is there!





















And for good measure I just have to include this picture: bob & freeland chugging camels milk.. which is gross by the way!
will showed them how it was done and downed the whole thing! Such a boss!

If anyone is interested in helping... Freeland will be taking extra things with him to give to Naomis Village while he is there. Bob asked us to bring diapers this time around. So, if anyone is interested in helping us send an insane amount of diapers with Freeland let me know! We'll happily accept any diapers you have and want to get rid of or if you want to purchase a package at walmart and have us send it for you we can do that too! Just email me! ;)

Regardless .. feel free to check out their website where you can see more information about Naomis Village and everything they are doing! Praise the Lord! 


  1. Y'all truly are some special kind of people.

  2. How neat! We have friends that are going to Kenya in April as he is studying to be a doctor. How weird would it be if they ended up ministering with Freeland! Their names are Amy and Gareth.

  3. This is so awesome. When I was a senior in college, I worked on a 16-week internship project with Cure at their headquarters near our home. It was a wonderful experience. Such a great organization! Praying that Freeland is able to bless a lot of people while he's there (and you can stay sane at home!) :) :)

  4. What a blessing!! This made me tear up!! The smiles on those children's faces are priceless!! I have diapers I'd love to send...what's your email address?

  5. Thank you friends!! Jennifer .. do you know where in Kenya your friends are going? Danielle, thats great to hear that after working with the organization you still have such wonderful things to say!

    Tiffany .. Thank you so much! That is so kind of you. I loved just reading over your blog! Such a blessing. My email is Brooke.Ackley @

    1. Thank you ;) I'll contact you soon about getting the diapers to you!
      BTW...found your darling blog through Meredith Grimm...we worked together at MD Anderson Cancer Center years back!

  6. I am so excited for him! I will be praying for both of you. I can't wait to meet these sweet kiddos in July.

  7. Brooke,
    Our friends are going to a rural village named Kapsowar in the northwest region. Sorry it took so long to find that out!

  8. Hi. I'm Melissa... I just found you randomly on Instagram this morning and clicked over to your blog. I then found this post and suddenly realized we have more in common than babies born close together. You see, my hubby and I both feel like The Lord has called us to do missions work in Africa. This post and these pictures have me in tears. I've never been to Africa or even on a "missions trip", but my heart longs for it. My heart leaps just seeing these images. I'd love to read more about your experiences and see more pictures. Do you have your posts tagged by category so that I could easily access all the missions related posts? I'm thrilled to have found your blog, and I promise I'm not a creepy stalker. Haha :)
    Email me if you can't reply back here. My email is
    Thanks in advance!