Thursday, February 21, 2013

gettin our preschool on

the other week we went to our first open house for preschool.. so basically we might as well start Rivers college applications.

and of course I took pictures of him as we were leaving the house .. to PREVIEW a preschool.


He just all the sudden looked so grown up to me. I couldnt keep myself from taking pictures.

I mean.. hello GQ! Wylder was looking just as adorable too. (chapel was in the bjorn so thats not really adorable!)

I didnt know what an open house really meant or what it involved. Thanks to friends on facebook I got it figured out and we went exploring. (I feel so clueless in this area!)


It was exciting and overwhelming all at the same time.

I felt like all the sudden we were in this entirely new stage as parents but at the same time ITS JUST PRESCHOOL. Maybe thats why you do preschool .. not just to prepare the kids for kindergarten but to prepare the parents! Light bulb!

The one we happened to look at was a co-op so the parents are really involved in running the school and I had flashes of PTA shining in my face and didnt know what to do with it. All the moms were so nice that were there.. But were they tooooo nice? (im just kidding.. I was so grateful for how welcoming they were)


And while we were there it occurred to me wherever we decide to go is going to end up being a major part of our lives here in Cleveland seeing as all 3 kids will go there .. 3 days a week for the next 4 years. (only River is going next year .. but then wylder .. then chapel .. you get it)


It was seriously silly. But I guess I hadnt thought through or prepared myself for any of it and there it all was all up in my face.

However, River LOVED IT. Now when we drive past a school or church he asks when he is going to preschool.

(PS River: its not until YOU ARE POTTY TRAINED!)


I went and looked at another one on Tuesday so now he is on the wait list at 2 schools (yes, its only January & February and school doesnt start until September but there are wait list) we'll see what happens.

Both of them teach through kids playing so he is going to love it! (and hopefully Chapel & Wylder will too!) We love them both. Both of them have their own benefits and so we're excited for whichever one ends up working out.


Side note: Looking at preschools made me miss Texas.. the Mothers Day Out & MOPS groups are amazing and something you dont find up here. There is a Parents Day Out here but its not what it is in the south. ;)


  1. I'm so anxious for Carter to try school again this fall. I signed him up for two days a week which isn't very common for the 3s program. Hopefully he'll take to it better than this past semester. Also a side note {and proves the extent of my online stalking} but I tried finding you on FB with no luck.

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