Tuesday, February 19, 2013

binky free

I am proud to say that as of 2 weeks ago BOTH boys no longer use their binkies.

Actually, Im not proud.

I kinda could have cared less if they had their binkies until they were 5. For some reason its just not a big deal to me.

But once we started we couldnt go back.



One day River was scratching the wall with his clip and it was leaving marks. I foolishly told him if he did it again we were going to have to get rid of his pacifier.

And of course he did it again.

I stood there with a thousand things running through my mind. I really didnt personally want to take away his pacifier .. but I told him I would. So I did.

And much to my surprise .. he seriously slept fine during his nap. It was a miracle.

And honestly he did so well that I wanted to just give it back to him so many times.

But then there was no going back.





Then there was Wylder.

I never saw this coming. Not for another 2 years at least!

While I was out of town & the boys were having "Boys Weekend" Wylder chewed through his binky. Freeland was so smart and just happened to say "okay now we have to put it in the trash." Then they walked over and threw it in the trash together.

I seriously would have just walked downstairs and got him a new one!

Smart thinking that one.

Then somehow I guess it clicked with Wylder and he slept during his nap without it.

And there was no going back.

I mean we hadnt even gotten to where Wylder left his binky just in the bed. He seriously wore it all day every day .. because it didnt bother me .. and he loved it.

And then gone just like that.



Again, harder for me than him!




I cant believe we have both kids without their pacifiers now.

They seem too grown up.




Now there is just Chapel. Our pediatrician seems to think kids dont actually need a pacifier after 3 months. She's 3 months now. Hmmmm we'll see! ;)

Also, PS: How adorable are these 2 playing in Rivers old crib! I love these photos.


  1. ADORABLE pictures!

    Ugh. This is one of the hardest things about parenthood, especially when it's your first rodeo. Don't threaten things you don't want to follow through with. I make this mistake all of the time, like saying we won't go to the library if ____ happens. OF COURSE _____ is going to happen! and then we are stuck in the house all day because THE LIBRARY was my planned safe place for the day. DUMB. DUMB. DUMB. Often times, Jeremy and I are stunned by parenthood and look at each other like a deer in headlights "what are we doing to do about THIS??" Parents. We have no clue what we're doing but I think this must be where the term fake it till ya make it came from.

  2. Haha we just toke our sons away 2 weeks ago... He said goodbye one night and that was it! It was way harder on us leading up to that night haha....ur family is adorable! Such blessings and love to follow!

  3. Just want to say that I totally get that it's harder for you than it might be for your kids. I guess it's cuz they seem more grown up and as a mom that makes me sad. PS...your boys are adorable.