Monday, February 18, 2013

3 months of Chapel Joy + more pictures

I have a handful of my baby dresses from when I was a weeeee little one so the other day we put Chapel in 2 of them. I cant wait to do the others because it cracks me up & I love it.

Happy 3 months of life little Chapel.


She is starting to become a much happier baby. Just 3 days ago all the sudden she started hanging out on her back finally. MIRACLE.

She is smiling all the time.

And on her 3 month birthday she laughed! (of course it was for her daddy and even though I am with her ever waking moment of her life I walk off for 1 second and miss it! not bitter at all) Freelands been able to get her to laugh a few times now .. and I still have yet to hear said laugh. But I do have video of it so that will do!


She still has good & bad days sleeping. I'll take it. She normally can make it during the night with one feeding. (she is still up a ton even though she only eats once though) She just wants the pacifier back in her mouth.. normally. But she still has nights where she wants to eat a lot more. Since my supply isnt necessarily always rockin I oblige & it actually seems like those times she genuinely is hungry.

She is starting to take more consistent naps during the day. Still does the 45 minute thing unless she is exhausted. She'll normally still take 1 HUGE nap and then 2 smaller naps. I know when I break of that first huge nap all 3 will be more consistent. But for now the big nap in the morning really helps so I cant bring myself to get her on a schedule.

And all the sudden she melts down almost exactly an hour after being awake. (I was hoping she'd be a little more flexible .. we'll see)


She loves her exersaucer, her play mat, peek a boo and all the other normal things a 3 month old loves.  Oh she also loves standing up straight.. like stiff as a board straight. (as seen in the picture above. it makes me laugh. I didnt realize how stiff she is all the time until I held sweet little Collin the other day and he just curled up so sweetly!)  She doesnt really coo much but Im sure she will. She is totally a momma's girl when it comes to being soothed or going to sleep. But she loves playing with her daddy and hanging out with him.

Her little personality is so serious at times and then seems so silly other times. I cant wait to see who she ends up becoming!


Her hair looks like it may be starting to grow back in. Its definitely dark and has a tint of red in it!

She also had her first plane ride this last month. The first leg went well. The last leg went not so well. She was exhausted so I dont blame her. But I was surprised she didnt just sleep the whole time. And I feel really bad for all the people around us!


Ive officially had dairy & caffeine out of my diet for a month now. I had 2 slices of cheese pizza last week to see how she would do. The next day she was super fussy so I'll try again later. It isnt turning out to be as big of a deal as I thought it would be eliminating dairy out of my diet. (thank you jesus)

She's also still on reflux medicine. Nexium seems to be doing the trick.


Her brothers still adore her. And she watches them play now all the time. Im waiting for her to start laughing and interacting with them. That will be a blast!

Oh and next month we will hopefully (depending on Freeland's schedule) be dedicating her at church. My dad pointed out since non of our kids have been dedicated yet that we should do all 3. It might be a circus up there if we do that but we'll see!


I love this little peanut. Her big ol eyes. Her hilarious faces. Her huge smile that lights up her face. She melts all of our hearts.

Here are some more pictures I found from when she was a week old that I wanted to post too. Not sure why I didnt see them when I originally posted all of these:










  1. Brooke, I've always seen Freeland in your kids, and I guess it's because I saw so many pictures of him as a baby that his features just pop out in your kids. And I don't know what you looked like as a baby! But here's the weird thing... in one of the pictures you posted today, I can see YOUR MOM in Chapel's features - eyes I think. (We've noticed that Mary's Joy looks like my mom's kid pictures!)

  2. i LOVE all of these. can't believe that just a couple weeks ago, she was so close, yet so far.

  3. Can't remember ow I found your blog. But I love following y'all. I have a little girl just a bit older than Chapel (born 11/8). Was glad to hear someone else's baby still wants to fall asleep after she's awake for an hour. I thought we'd be past that by now...