Wednesday, January 30, 2013

so the big boy bed came out this weekend

We really werent planning on pulling this bad boy out until April when River turns 3.

I dont know if it was a mix of us being bored and wanting to do something or if it was just the right time and we happened to respond to the little feeling we both had .. but when River woke up from his nap on Saturday we said "lets put together his bed and see what he thinks"


we had no mattress. no sheets. no box springs. no plan.

but once he saw it there was no turning back.

I mean the excitment was through the roof.

And then we told him this meant he was closer to sharing a room with Wylder .. which I dont know that Ive ever seen him more excited. We video taped it.


So Freeland ran out and got a mattress & the little thing that keeps him from falling out. (he moves NON stop in his sleep so I know he would fall out constantly. Its also helped him think he has to stay IN the bed. Smart parents! ;)

When we put Wylder to bed in his room instead of Rivers room .. River was so confused and upset they werent sharing rooms right away. But he quickly got over it.


We let River choose if he wanted the big boy bed or his crib that night. He picked the bed.

The first night he laid there quietly for 20 minutes and then I heard him fussing and went to check. With tears in his eyes he asked to get back in his crib. So we let him. I could tell he was a little scared.

Sunday afternoon we tried again and let him pick. He picked the bed for a nap and since he hasnt gone back. I guess he just needed to sleep in it during the day with a little light so he knew it would all be okay.

Every time we talked about the big boy bed and every time he picked it I just told him "the thing with the bed is you cannot get out. You have to wait for momma and dadda to come get you." Over & over & over we repeated this. So far (these 4 days) its worked. Im curious to see how long it takes him to start sneaking out.

We may have also threatened that if he got out he has to go back to the crib. Ooops! ;)



A few people asked on Instagram .. we do have 3 cribs currently. Since we didnt plan on transitioning River so fast I went ahead and got Chapel a crib & mattress set at a church garage sale for $40. No harm done. Otherwise I would have just kept her in a pack n play. Now whenever Wylder moves to Rivers room we will just give away the extra crib.

Rivers old crib is still up in his room waiting for Wylder. No point in taking it down now. But Im looking forward to them sharing a room.. whenever that may be. And now we just need to find another bed to match Rivers. I know they sell them at Land of Nod now but we found this old twin for something like $30 so I cant convince myself to dish out the money for a brand new one.



(that trunk didnt stay there)

And we're on the hunt for bedding that we like and then we can start putting his big boy room together.

So .. Binky gone - check. Big boy bed - check. Next up .. potty training. That wont be happening for a LONG time!


  1. Hi, it's Michelle (shell4004 on Instagram and Ramirez Ramblings blog). We "instagrammed" a while back about my childhood desk I'm using for my daughter. You have the matching dresser for Chapel's room. I'd love to know how you painted it. I've never painted furniture before. Thank you! :)

  2. We kept hank's crib in his room for a few weeks and told him the same thing about having to sleep in it if he got out of his big bed. It works. And don't be scared of potty the ebook at and follow it exactly. Hank moved to a big bed and potty trained all in 2 weeks. At 2 yrs 4 months. SO worth it!!! River will totally get it and it's SO much easier than diapers...

  3. REally interesting post! My sister has two kids and I think they are ready for the big boy bed but she is not sold on the idea! I'l share this with her! Maybe she'll change her mind! Thanks for sharing!!!