Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Snow days here in The Cleve

winter finally showed back up in North.

Cleveland still doesnt have anything on Erie (at least this winter so far) but we get a good amount where it feels like a lot but we're still able to make it without a snow blower to do the driveway (again.. so far!) ha

We are still on Lake Erie (for those who know nothing about geography .. LIKE ME) and we still get lake effect snow but I think generally Erie averages more snow than us because of their location on the lake.

We'll be staying in. Its 9 degrees outside right now.

Aint nobody got time for that.

(ps: we would have been staying in anyway. With 3 kids. frigid weather. loading & unloading.  Chapel screaming in the car ... definitely aint nobody got time for that.)


These were all taken from inside the house as I would rather not have snow all over my camera and they were actually all taken at Christmas but its what it looks like outside right now if you added sun to these pictures. Just pretend its there.

our little garden underneath the snow


when River woke up & saw the snow again he demanded to know where the snowman (pictured above) went. ha..










If youre interested these are my favooooorite pictures from the snow:

when we had a snowball fight with Maddie & Oliver. awwwww. Wish River & Wylder could go out in the snow with the dogs and play. That would be insane fun.

Cant wait to take the boys out in the snow though. (when it warms up some;)

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