Saturday, January 12, 2013

New Blog Makeover!

Thanks to Kelly at Fabulous K my blog looks awesome now!

For my birthday Freeland got me a gift certificate for a new blog makeover from Kelly. (yes, per usual, it took me this long to figure out what I wanted and make a decision) Kelly did our original blog design right before we moved from Waco, TX to Erie, PA .. and now that we've moved again I think its only appropriate we have a new look here! It'd been over 5 years since we updated the blog!

I think the new look is perfect! Kelly did exactly what I was asking for and more! Im so thankful as this is the only little outlet I have and Im happy that it reflects me more now.

Thank you so much Kelly! I love it. You're so talented and wonderful to work with! Im thankful our paths crossed and Ive gotten to know you more over these years! ;)

Here is her website and her blog if yall dont already check it!

I need to clean up my blog list (if Im missing your blog please let me know) & our 'about us' page and get all that updated & current since I probably haven't touched that in years either. But so excited about a new year .. and new look!

And for good measure here are some pictures of chapel:





yes .. those are baby jeggings. Im jealous of her wardrobe already.

The adorable bow is from Two Sparrows   (fb page here with pics of her cutie twins)

PS: I finally got the Christmas picture uploaded. woo hoo! stay tuned for an overload of River & Wylder doing Christmas stuff!