Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Chapel Joy at 2 months

Flying by and going so slow at the same time.


You are 2 months old. And growing and changing all the time like you should be.

Note: I never thought Id see the day my daughter wore animal print. 

(Sorry, all the pics are from my phone. River broke the cord that connects my camera to the computer so Im currently working with what I got!)


You smile easily when we sit and talk to you now. I love it. You seem like you are ready to laugh and trying to even though I know it could be a few weeks. I can not wait. You are sleeping 'better' (better being a relative term! ;) You dont sleep on me anymore which is wonderful. (even though I loved it .. you kick, move, and squirm and grunt way too much) You are starting to notice and watch your brothers more which I love and know will only happen a lot more in the coming months. You still loathe being on your back. (you dont like the swing, the car seat is miserable for you, and you dont like sitting up much either!) So basically you like to either be on your tummy or straight up & down. ha

You also randomly refuse bottles all the sudden even though you took one every single day of your life since you were 3 weeks old (bc we gave her probiotics) strange. Hopefully you'll take one again soon. we'll see.


Ive decided that you are Wylder 2.0 .. you are just the happier version of him so far! ha .. You have either some cray-zy reflux going on or a dairy allergy. We are in the process of figuring it out. Ive eliminated all dairy from my diet for a week now.

Note: chapel .. when you are older please understand this was not easy for me as I love dairy.. so I mean like I seriously really love you to be doing this.. and just so you know Ive also cut out caffeine and alcohol until we get it all sorted out also .. and Im a mom of 3 under 3 surviving without caffeine or alcohol .. so seriously - I love you! I hope you know & understand that by the sacrifices Im making already at 9 weeks old. (just kidding;)   


Anyway, Im not sure if its helped. You've slept a little better but you still dont like your back and you still seem uncomfortable a lot of the time. We tried some medicine for reflux and we are still trying it out. The doctor says to give everything 2 weeks so we'll see next week how you are!

Honestly .. Im thankful to have been through this before and extremely thankful that while you have reflux and spit up a ton and seem uncomfortable you are some what happy too .. But I still kinda cant believe we're going through this again (if Im being honest)
Anyway, enough about the ol refulx.

As far as sleeping goes (sorry .. boring but if I dont write it down I'll forget) you are starting to go to bed around 7:00 or 8:00 now. You wake up around 11:00 and then again at 2:00 when I just put the binky in your mouth and you fall asleep and then again anywhere from 3:00-5:00. Youve made it a 7 hour stretch. But you normally only do 4 hour stretches. Im working on just poppin the binky back in your mouth instead of assuming youre hungry. But that means I sometimes make 800 trips back & forth. Its fine. Hopefully it helps you start to make the stretch yourself. Ive been letting you sleep in the morning so I can focus on  your brothers. So you will sleep anywhere from 7:45-9:30. (THANK YOU!) It helps so much. Then you nap an hour later. Your first nap is normally good and the rest are pathetic. But I'll take it. And I know once I help you get on a better schedule those later naps may work themselves out. You do the whole 45 min intruder thing like your brothers. (yay! not) But praying you grow out of it just like they did.

Also guess what daughter .. now that you are 2 months old .. Im happy to do sleep training with you! Get excited. Except you are crazy sick right now (of course) so we'll wait until thats over.

Okay enough about sleep.


You are precious. You love your daddy. You love to cuddle with me. Your smile is HUGE and lights up your face. Your brothers love you. River has already told me he wants another of you! And Wylder is constantly searching for you and loving on you. I want you to stay a teeeeny tiny baby always but at the same time I cannot wait for you to grow and see what your little personality has in store! We really do have such a soft spot for you and I know without a doubt there is something big planned for your life little munch!

Here are some random pics too:

your first walk.

The faces you make crack us up:







  1. Hi, I have been following your blog for a while now, but an awful commenter. I have a baby girl who was 2 months old yesterday and I could copy and paste everything about Chapel they are so much a like. The reflux, the sleep, the sibling love and even the clothes. I cut out the diary but didn't see a difference in the few days I did it. I love milk so it was so hard. I gave up my caffeine except for my one cup of coffee in the morning (I do have to survive somehow). My Farrah started out on Zantac but was still throwing everything up as soon as I sat her up to burp her. Now, she is on Prevacid and seems to be some what better. I may put her back on the Zantac when the Prevacid runs out.

    I love reading your blog. You have a great family.

  2. Oh, we even have the same bedding :) Love the yellow and grey!

  3. Sounds like Nolan and Chapel have it out for us sleep wise. I'm so sick of the reflux thing too. I'm not sure how the Zantac is even helping because he pukes it all back up!! I am following your lead and cutting out caffeine. So far it really has seemed to make a difference but *Yawn* hahaha I can't wait for the day I can enjoy an icy cold soda again!

  4. I'm quickly changing my opinion on animal prints. Super cute.