Friday, January 4, 2013

another mini me


and by that I mean it looks like we may have another mini-freeland.

She's looking more and more like her big brother (wylder)

which means shes looking more and more like her daddy.


"guess what chapel .. you cant date until you are 30!"




guess only time will tell.. its funny how I just naturally assume she will either be like Wylder or River and I know its going to shock me when she isnt like either of them! Crazy how every child is so different even this young! 

She is growing and growing. Shes already at 9lbs 10ounces. (which I have no idea what percentage that is) Im just thankful she is gaining weight. She's still congested from being sick but its better.

We took her to the doctor and she does officially have reflux. Although its inconvenient when it comes to her sleeping and makes for a tired mom some mornings she isnt screaming like Wylder and while she is uncomfortable she is easy to comfort. (as long as you are standing) so we'll figure it out.

SO many pictures to share from Christmas. We packed a lot into just a few days. I already miss it and Im refusing to take the tree down. Stay tuned for pics.. LOTS and LOTS of pictures! 


  1. those are great photos- they made me totally grin!

  2. Man does she ever look like Wylder! (And Freeland!) But with River's mouth?? Such a sweetie pie!

  3. I'm glad you got the reflux figured out. Hopefully the meds will make a big difference. I really don't see it working for Nolan yet but we go back next week for his two month appt so I'll talk to our dr again. And don't you wish you knew what little miss was thinking in those pictures? She is just precious!

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