Thursday, January 24, 2013

3 little munchkins

all three munchkins wrapped in the same blanket just weeks after they were born.

IMG_2374-2 copy

IMG_0125 copy

IMG_3665 copy1

So far one thing Ive learned is even with 3 little ones back to back like this you would think I knew just what I was doing .. which in a lot of ways maybe I do.. or maybe I have more tricks now? BUT the thing Im learning is really I still have no idea what Im doing. And I can guarantee when I had just River I thought I knew exactly what I was doing. Man that baby was easy peasy. And I still made it so hard?

If only I could know what I knew now!

Also last night I had a dream that it was my 30th birthday and I was with all my family celebrating and I had to tell them I was pregnant again. Which .. let me do the math for you ..

would mean that Chapel would be 6 months old when I was finding out & telling them I was pregnant. 

Just like River .. Just like Wylder .. holy smokes. That would be 4 children 3 and under. Lets just all laugh for a minute. 

Im so thankful for our family of 5. I still cant believe we are where we are. I cant believe the bond between River & Wylder & Chapel already. I cant believe the Lord is faithful to his promises like he is. Im so thankful he speaks, he shows up, and he loves us the way he does. And no matter what he has in store for us going forward (even if it means Im telling my family Im pregnant in May.. just kidding) Im just so grateful that we are on this adventure with the Lord. He is so good.


  1. I fully support 4 kids under 3 ;) Your kiddos are precious!

  2. Your kids are beautiful and you & Freeland are incredible parents. I say keep making babies :)

  3. haha I agree with everyone above! You guys wanted a big family, right? Might as well keep making those gorgeous children!!