Thursday, December 13, 2012

The basement before

The basement was one of the only things we knew we would need to do some work in when we moved in. And by work I mean - get carpet put in. We wanted it to be the boys toy room but the floor was nasty. green sponge panted nastiness. and it was cold and dirty. Other than that the basement was great. A good size, much better stairs than at our old house, walls that if we want (and we do) we will paint.. and it even has a decent amount of light!

So here are some before pictures:

stairs down



Freeland & Mark also took out the florescent lighting and replaced them with nice warm lights that we took off the 3rd floor:




a better shot of the floors and the condition they were in. (which was honestly pretty good condition compared to lots of other houses we looked at)



(thats sponge paint over linoleum floor tiles)

Here is the room cleaned out ready to have carpet put down:


That door leads to the "unfinished" part of the basement where our laundry, freelands desk, and all our christmas stuff is.

And here is the start of the work we did. It was such a blessing to be able to put carpet down. (thanks to a generous graduation gift for Freeland) 

We just found remnant carpet and had that put down. Basement carpet is tricky because of the humidity, traffic, padding, and potential for flooding. (dont you love that technical explanation?)

So after searching we put aside our specific taste and went with practical & affordable. Its super soft and comfortable and turned out just fine.


the boys art work on the stairway down

we'll eventually repaint this hallway and the basement

(I cant wait)

ahhh doesnt that carpet make the stairs SO SO SO much better!


Look! You can actually sit on the floor now! It looks like a liveable space now!


we keep 98% of all the toys down in the basement. (meaning they dont really have toys in their rooms at this point) The boys have a basket up on the main floor and little baskets in their rooms but really everything is all in one space here & its just books and stuffed animals in their rooms. Its worked out nice.

and its shocking how well they'll entertain themselves with the little we keep upstairs.






we do all our diaper changin down here since its next to the washer and we still use cloth diapers. Its worked out nice.

Lots more to be done to make it our taste and a room we love. Eventually Id love different storage containers, stuff on the wall, etc. etc. But without a doubt the boys love it and there is lots of room to run around and go crazy during the 20 degree weather all winter! Such a blessing!

Hopefully our family feels a little better about the boys entertainment all winter long ... and that they definitely dont need toys for Christmas! ;) 

Crazy to think when we move in 5 years this room will probably be the one that changes the most! It wont be filled with baby/toddler toys anymore and instead will be a living area for a 7, 6, and 5 year old! strange

And how did I ever live without a basement before?!?!!? TEXAS YOU NEED THESE!!

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  1. I completely agree!! We need one! What you've done so far looks incredible!!! Enjoy! :)