Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chapel Joy

kisses for her daddy

Chapel Joy .. you are now 1 month old.. and what a month. Its been awesome.

You truly have been a joy. Im not sure I'll ever forget the feeling I had holding you that first day. There's no other way to explain it other than true joy.

In this first month we've done a lot at times and laid low other times. We went out with you the day after we got home from the hospital and haven't necessarily held back having you around. I realize how much easier it is now than when youre 12 months old so we are taking advantage of that! Youve been to the doctor a handful of times (just at the beginning), you went to your first church service at 3 weeks, you've done plenty of grocery trips and trips to walmart, target, etc also. You celebrated your first holiday at 6 days old and in a week you will celebrate your second big holiday. You've met a handful of family members and all the friends that are able to drive to see you have! What a blessing!!

Your bilirubin levels were high like your brothers so we had to work to feed you often and get your weight up. Thankfully even though comparatively my milk still probably came in slow .. it was MUCH faster than with your brothers and you took to it much faster so this time around wasnt nearly as stressful.

You of course slept like a champ the first 2 weeks. Now you have good & bad days. You generally go in 3 hour stretches.. during the day you'll happily go longer (around 5hrs) but not at night. And the last few days youve had a hard time staying asleep at all because you keep spitting up! You love being held to sleep. What newborn doesnt? (answer: wylder) We have you sleeping on your side. You hate your back. and sometimes you can put yourself to sleep but other times you need us to rock you or hold you. Generally if you wake up I can just put the binky back in your mouth and you'll fall back asleep... and of course that leads to going back in your room 800 times to put it back in again! ;)

I feel like its taken me a while to figure you out. How do you sleep? what does this noise mean? why are you coughing? why do you spit up SO MUCH ;) but we're slowly getting it. Thats probably the thing that shocked me the most. In so many ways I know what to do and expect by now with a baby and in so many ways we have to figure it out all over again.

Oh you also smiled for the first time a day before you turned 4 weeks. And since then you keep trying to do it .. its cute. You still arent awake a ton but randomly (mostly late afternoon) you have such a hard time staying asleep that you end up being awake when I know you want to be asleep instead. You obviously arent on a schedule yet. You are on less of a schedule or rhythm or whatever you want to call it than your brothers were at this point. But you'll get there whenever youre ready.

I love having you in our family. Youre dainty and sweet and when I look at you I feel this tender sweet little love growing and growing! Youre probably the first child Ive gotten dressed so much. River & Wylder stayed in PJ's a lot.. but its fun dressing you and Im aware how fast you are going to grow out of things so I get you dressed all the time. Now if I could just find some Christmas parties to attend.. you'd be the cutest thing there!


We love you little Chapel.

PS: you did look like River the day you were born. Identical. But now you honestly look identical to Wylder all the sudden. Some pictures you cant tell who is who if you are making the right face. Crazy.

Also, I dont want to ever forget the other day I was holding you and your dad came over to see you and started talking. You immediately turned your head to find his voice and see him.. and right away you tried to smile. It was so sweet to see that. I wonder if (and hope) you'll stay a daddy's girl.

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  1. What a precious little girl! Her name is beautiful, too! Happy 1 Month, sweet girl.