Tuesday, December 4, 2012


These pictures warm my heart.

Its the first time each of them 'held' Chapel.

admiring his sister

Wylder checking her out . River unsure when she starts screaming.

Wylder already willing to share his binky

River & Wylder are handling the transition so well. Not that everyday is easy peasy. But the craziness hasnt really changed or been because of Chapel.. the craziness is just normal craziness that we have every single day with toddlers in the house.

River definitely isnt "over the moon" in love with her. But he doesnt dislike her.. and thats WONDERFUL! He treats her like she has always been here. If she isnt in the room with us he asks where she is at. He lets me know if she is crying or immediately runs to grab a towel if she spits up .. but he is always eager to help so that doesnt surprise me. He'll give her a kiss when we ask. But so far I havent just found him sitting and admiring her or anything of that sort. He is a little confused when I feed her. Im just thankful he's so young and wont remember. ha. He does think its hilarious when she toots! Id say overall he's done great. Its as if he already understands when I have to take care of another child since he's used to it with Wylder so it doesnt bother him if I ask him to wait until Im done with Chapel for something and he really doesnt seem to mind me having to hold her or do anything for her. Such a blessing

Wylder definitely loves Chapel. From the moment he saw her he was interested in her. He offers kisses to her unprompted all the time and is constantly bringing her toys or a pacifier. He even covers her up with the blanket! So funny to see our little aggressive son be so tender hearted. Im shocked. He does have a hard time when he wants something and I cant get it right away because of Chapel .. but he'll figure it out! And if he is upset I just make sure to move Chapel away so she isnt in his line of fire. ha. He has had a harder time with the transition than River. But he's done better than River did at his age. The first week he definitely didnt like me. He just ignored me (like literally would walk past me to search for anyone else to help him) But now that Freeland is back at work & Im the only option he is happy with me again. And I know he will forget her ever not being here any day now (if he hasnt already)

Id say one reason they both did so well the first week was because they had non-stop attention and mostly because Freeland was home. It was the first time he has had a few consistent days off work. So I feel like they were just over the moon that they got so much time with Freeland they didnt really care what was going on! And then add mimi to mix and they were happy the entire time. It felt much smoother than I remember it being when we brought Wylder home. But that might just be the stage River was at during the time and the mix of going from an only child to a big brother. Who knows?! Regardless this transition for them has been pretty smooth and Im so thankful!


"ooooh noo she's cryin"



  1. these are absolutely precious, and priceless!! these are pictures your family will treasure forever. so excited and happy for your family!!!