Friday, December 14, 2012

4 weeks under my belt

Currently, the boys are both sick & Freeland is working hard studying for his 3rd round of boards which he takes in the morning.

last 8 hour test for a while... holler!


the boys tucked in watching a movie.

I should have known when they agreed to both sit still for this long that they were sick!  Poor guys.

Now we're just working hard keeping them away from Chapel. Not an easy task for Wylder! That boy cant help but giver her kisses. However, she clearly is not at an age where its "safe" for her to get that sick yet so hopefully they wont pass it along.

We've sort of put off all our Christmas activities and everything else in life until Freeland finishes his test so Im really looking forward to tomorrow afternoon! Think: advent, gingerbread houses, hot chocolate & christmas lights, santa pictures, holiday baking .. we're cramming it all in. hopefully.

In other news, Chapel is officially 4 weeks old today.

That is crazy town talk. I cant believe its been that long already.


Im finally figuring out this little one. It took me awhile. She has had a great 4 weeks of life though! She's the loudest little newborn Ive ever met! (while eating, sleeping, or tooting) Ha. She is a snuggler and is happiest being on you.. curled up in your neck! Especially while she is sleeping. And if she isnt on you she seems to sleep best when wrapped up in the coziest blanket possible (seriously all the swaddle blankets we have apparently arent good enough for her) all tucked in like a burrito.. and on her side. I mean, not high maintenance at all?!

This last week she went to church for the first time! She also moved into her bedroom and is sleeping in her bed (now that guest are gone) and just this week she popped out an actual smile for us. I havent been able to get her to do it since but for a good 2 minutes she just sat and smiled with me. It was awesome. We love this little munch. I love life with her and so far Im loving having 3 kids under this roof! Amen.


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