Tuesday, November 6, 2012

trick or treating at our new house

(wanna read about something else besides the election???? Youre welcome!)

We had our trick or treating Sunday night. Shaker Heights does trick or treating well! Props!

We really had no idea if it was still happening or if it was cancelled. I read they canceled it because of the storm and so many people still without power.. and live wires still being down. So we just decided to wait it out and see if kids showed up.

I have no idea how we have ended up having awesome trick or treaters in every single neighborhood we've lived in but thankfully we have. Its a lot of fun!

We definitely werent prepared enough this year. In the first 30 minutes we have over 150 kids. Eventually we ran out of candy and had to turn off our light sadly. Rookie Mistake! We'll have to change that next year!


We started the night with a movie & pizza picnic on the floor. I think this will be a new weekly tradition. It was so fun! Why havent we done this before?





Please note: Wylder is actually watching part of the movie!

Right after this he was stealing Rivers food. But there were moments he watched and thats a success in my book!

Then our doorbell starting ringing. We definitely had to scramble to throw our candy in a bowl! Whoops.

And a certain little 2 year old starting going nuts! He LOVED it.



He cheered on all the kids everytime he saw their costumes. He'd say "woooooow" or "whoooaaaa" each time.

He said Thank You to each of them... after he dropped the candy in their bag! ;)

And he told all the kids "God bless you" when they left. (he was copying Freeland of course)

As soon as the door would shut he'd cheer super loud. Yell that more kids were coming. Grab the bowl and go back to the door jumping up and down. He took his job very seriously!

(I took lots of video it was so stinkin cute!)

Little brother waiting for more to show up!

"one for you"



*note: people dont mind only getting one piece when its a child putting it in their bag!! SCORE!

And the older kids got a kick out of River & Wylder.. they thought they were adorable. 





Wylder was hilarious. He'd walk back and forth saying "hiiiiii" to each person and then repeating "bye bye" 100x to all the people too. He'd cheer and then go back to playing with all the candy! I think he loved being so social and getting so much attention too!

Thankfully neither of them realized at this point they could actually open the candy! ha




we put Wylder to bed half way through and then let River go to the neighbors house. It was amazing how much he just picked up from watching the kids at our house without us telling him what to do. He asked to put his costume on. He asked for his little bucket to put candy in. And he went staight up to the house and said "trick or treat".

The smile on his face when we opened the candy for him to eat was priceless.

Such a fun age! So different than last year. Who knows how we'll handle Halloween going forward but for now its such an innocent thing and he loves dressing up and we love meeting even more neighbors and handing out candy.. so its what we do!

I cant wait until next year when both boys are going crazy loving it with a little sister in tow also!! 

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