Monday, November 12, 2012

the oldest

Now that River is 2.5 and about to no longer just be "the big brother" but "the oldest" I thought Id do a little update on him.


Although its hard to know where to start at this point.

That boy be cray-zy.

He is so fun and so challenging and so amazing and so lovable and so challenging ... all at the same time!


He LOVES trains, cars, trucks, and his daddy. that about wraps up his life. (kidding) but he is at such a fun age where at times he is SO easy to please. I love that something as simple as a box or a cup can still entertain him so much. And its so easy to get him excited about certain things it cracks me up! He loves puzzles and coloring. His new discovery is the chalkboard and he loves it. Id say a close runner up in his favorite things to do is dance! At least 2 or 3 times a day he ask me to turn on Christmas music so we can all dance. And specifically he ask me if he can "break dance!"


He just started saying "hey guess what? I love you" or "dadda, know what? I love you" all on his own. Its amazing. And he is at a stage where he says things that shock me everyday. The things he puts together on his own are amazing and scary all at the same time. He speaks in pretty much paragraphs right now and I feel like I need to start writing down the things he says everyday. My favorite is to hear the things he is thankful for when we pray at night. He always mentions Miles & Jackson still! Then he'll venture through all our friends & family .. then thomas .. then the picture on the wall .. and so on!

And while he is able to be the sweetest little boy known to man he can also be a 2 year old a lot of days too. Most his discipline these days is either for not sharing or hitting Wylder... or its for his attitude. Probably mostly his attitude!!! Which frightens me for what might be ahead when he is 3! He all the sudden tells me "no" that hes not going to do something .. or he doesnt want to do this or that .. and with SUCH attitude I want to burst at the seams. So we're working on it. I mostly have to work on being consistent with disciplining him and teaching him that we are the parents .. he is the 2 year old. Poor little guy has some control issues and is having a hard time understanding that one! ;)

I would still describe River as someone who is eager to help, serve, and please. He is also definitely an encourager. Its shows more and more all the time. He loves to cheer people on and celebrate other people. The other day I moved a frame from his bedroom wall to Wylders bedroom wall and he seriously sat and cheered me on and coached me through the whole thing! "You got it mama .. be careful .. almost done .. yaaay momma .. you got it!" so funny. He is shy and hesitant in new situations but as soon as he see's other kids running around or doing something crazy .. he jumps right in .. and then I wish he would go back to being shy bc he gets so wound up he forgets to behave! (like any 2 year old Im sure)

He still takes one big ol nap during the day. (please Lord dont ever stop) although if he gets too wound up he takes a LONG time to fall asleep now. He's much more flexible with when he goes to bed and when he wakes up than he used to be also. This has been great during residency although I know we need to get back to being more consistent.

Probably the thing I get asked the most:

Is he potty trained? Will I potty train him before the baby arrives? Is he in a big boy bed? Will I put him in one before the baby arrives?

no, no, no, and no. ;) ha. I mean, considering all that would have to happen this week .. no.

He's used the potty but he's not ready to potty train without a HUGE fight and all the moms I know have encouraged me to wait until he's more ready. Also, with a big change like a baby I dont want to risk him going back to diapers because of all the change & chaos. Same with the big boy bed .. he's still happy in his crib. He doesnt climb out. He doesnt know any different .. so Im in no rush. The last thing I want is to be up with a newborn and a 2 year old who wont stay in bed all night. So thats that. Im sure by the time he's 3 we'll be somewhere closer to all of that.

And in 4 days he will get to experience what its like to have a little sister for the first time! More on that later Im sure. I have no idea if he understands. He talks about her and he knows she is in my tummy and that certain things are for her (like the car seat etc.) but I dont know that he understands she is actually coming out and not leaving! ha. 


  1. Owen is 2.75 happily in a crib and NO WHERE CLOSE to potty trained.

    And all of those things are perfect for him and us, right now.

    "the oldest" -- sounds crazy but true.

  2. just some random comments.
    my son turned 2 on 10/13/10. he is still in his crib and SOME of my friends think that's the craziest thing. I am with you though. That's his bed, his safe place. He's never once tried to crawl out of it (that I've seen ;)) so why mess up a good thing?
    as far as potty training? I've had his "duck potty" out since he was about 1. just sits there next to the big people potty. I just let him take his own interest in it. It started w/ him sitting on the top, putting his feet in it, just exploring it in general. Over the last month he has actually started pottying on HIS OWN! I have never forced or even encouraged him to do it. I ask him if he wants to use the Potty and then I leave it at that. It has worked, some. We do a HUGE dance and have a mini party and I give him ONE m&M if he does go. But that's his call.
    I read about how pressuring kids into using the potty often backfires. anyhow. That's just my 2 cents. :)

  3. You are an amazing mama Brooke! I'm so excited that you get to experience having a girl! Her room looks so pretty so far. We cant wait to meet her and see you guys again. Prayers for your delivery.