Wednesday, November 7, 2012

the day after elections 2012

what our evening looked like:


we let the oldest stay up and watch the results come in for a while

at first not interested and asking to watch airplanes instead.

bam. interested


bam. back to trucks

break for cereal. (its their tradition if River is up late with us .. he generally shares a bowl of cereal with Freeland)

so thankful for live streaming on the computer


Then the munchkin went to bed.

ive never seen Freeland so into it .. definitely made it more fun.

calculating everything he could on the computer



and then us ol folk went to bed. The results werent going to change with us staying up! ;) And I knew Id be up on & off all night and could check then. At 2:00am I believe I was up and saw the results and told Freeland.

This time 4 years ago we were in Erie, PA voting there and waiting for the results. Now Ohio .. definitely makes it interesting being in these states vs. Texas.  And it definitely made it fun last night since Ohio was such a big decision state. Based on what we've seen I would have told you Ohio would be for Obama. But we're in Cuyahoga County where they knew without a doubt Obama would win .. I had no idea what the rest of the state looked like outside Cleveland. So it was interesting and exciting seeing it all come in.

Sorry Im not sharing more of our opinions. Not that you came here to actually read my opinion. But I feel like most the time people are just showing their ignorance when they open their mouths so Im going to go ahead and refrain from showing you my ignorance! ;)

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