Wednesday, November 28, 2012

more pictures from the hospital

Here are a few more pictures from the rest of our glorious stay at the hospital.

We only stayed 3 days this time. (normally I stay 4) But we thought it was best to take advantage of the days Freeland had off and get home to start adjusting at as a family of 5. But man oh man ..that last day I was sad to leave. Nothing beats the peace & quiet of the room, unlimited food, nurses helping non stop. I miss it already.

They did end up taking Chapel into the nursery for me at night even though they are normally not eager to .. they take "rooming in" very seriously at this hospital. But since she was choking on all her mucus/fluid the entire 3 days & she did it quietly where you couldn't tell she wasnt breathing they wanted her monitored.

But really other than that she stayed with us the entire time and it was wonderful. She did great transitioning & even trying to eat. I did pump at the hospital to help move things along. (normally it takes me FOREVER to be able to nurse. My milk comes in slow & late) The pump definitely helped! And Chapel was a pro at latching. I was so so so thankful as it hasnt been the case before!  It has still taken a little bit of time but its been a lot better than the boys!

Looking at these pictures makes my heart super happy. It already feels like months and months ago. If I could just pause time!


The boys came each morning when they woke up. Then they went home to nap and came back in the afternoon. It was amazing they did so well in such a tiny room hanging out! I was thankful they were so content!





I dont think I'll ever get used to not having all our family up at the hospital with us. I so wish they could all be here with us.. and at times I want to throw myself a huge pity party that they arent! But I know that if they could they would all be crowding the waiting room and lining up to meet our kids and hold them for the first time.

This time was also definitely different as it was the first time we didnt have all our friends up in the room with us too. It was bittersweet. I loved having the time just us as a family to connect and enjoy our new daughter. And it was nice having a quiet room .. but Freeland & I definitely love having friends around to celebrate with also so it was strange not having anyone there.





in true cleveland clinic form the room was stark white.

My recovery was better than last time I think. I was able to get up the next morning and walk pretty easily. I definitely had pain but with the medicine it was fine. I had a huge appetite. And was eating plenty of food the first day a few hours after the surgery. (although the food was gawful at the hospital since they promote healthy food here! ha) And since Ive been home I think the pain has been manageable and my recovery has gone well too.


this is definitely her favorite position (especially at 3 in the morning!)





this puzzle provided lots of entertainment









our wonderful nurse. She has 10 kids! So she was able to share lots of stories with us! The browns played the cowboys that Sunday so we all watched the game together. My mom is a huge cowboys fan. Our nurse was a huge browns fan (as seen by her scrubs!) it was fun and entertaining!


leaving the hospital all loaded up on the cart


leaving all the nurses said "see you again in 15 months!" ha .. funny


3 kids loaded in the van

River trying to figure out how to unload her from her car seat!



I already want to go back and do it again! (dont freak out family .. Im only kidding. sorta)


  1. Brooke, you are so cute! Congratulations on your beautiful family. They are precious. Chapel looks so snuggly. Awe!

  2. these pictures are amazing. thank you so much for sharing. i SO wish i could be there to celebrate with you - it's killing me!

  3. I feel the exact same way. I cannot WAIT to have another baby and mine is only 13 weeks old :) She is absolutely beautiful and your boys as big brothers makes my heart swell. God is great.

  4. Brooke, Chapel is absolutely beautiful and so are you!!! These pics are great! You are missed in Erie!