Wednesday, November 14, 2012

getting ready and nesting

Phew, Freeland & I have worked our tushies off getting things ready.

Between him working non-stop and having to take call 800 times this month .. and me with the boys and getting the house ready .. I feel like we are going, going, going.

But its all really exciting things and projects that are nice to have done. So I cant complain. Its okay to be busy .. at least its all BEFORE she arrives!

I would say in a lot of ways we are most prepared for her. Mostly because I know exactly what I need or dont need or whats important to me and Im more aware of what helps me feel sane during all the chaos than I was all the other times .. so Im more focused on those things! ha

Also.. Ive been more a part of getting things done this time around than I ever have before. Normally Freeland is the to do list one around here and he picks up my slack. But with him working more and me wanting more done Ive done a lot of it myself. I must say, Im pretty proud of myself. ;) And it feels really nice!

Freeland has done a lot of things to help when he has had time .. like re-grout the shower:


yay for no more moldy showers!!! (really important stuff when getting ready for a baby, huh?)

(sorry you had to do this on your only day off)


and he's done other things that make his pregnant wife more sane.. like moving boxes around, cleaning the garage and sunroom, hanging new curtains (again!), changing out light bulbs, saying yes to all the random questions I ask him.. being fine with eating 800 random meals as I try to use up every last item in the fridge, freezer, and pantry to make room for Thanksgiving.. you know.. normal things like that. (ps: I have successfully used up almost all the random things in our kitchen and Im ridiculously proud of myself for all the cleared out room!)

We also finally started adding the details to her room:

one of her new sheets. She isnt getting her own bedding (because its not necessary for us) but she did get sheets!

a vintage toy ironing board (complete with an actual iron too! Crazy)

painted my old jewelry hanger and made it for her room to hold bows behind the door

moved this print into her room. I have another one Im going to order eventually but this works for now.

PS: thats her very first doll right there next to it .. given to her by Aunt Camille!

one of my baby dresses.. Im pretty sure this one is a Feltman Brothers dress. I have others that she'll wear too. Super excited about that!

I'll post pictures of her room once its really finished. Its nice to have a whole bunch of florals and girly things in it though! I love it. Wylder's still sleeping in there right now.. but he doesnt seem to mind all the girly touches!

and I FINALLY got my craft on:


I never thought itd actually happen


this also means the very last box in our house has been unpacked! (the sewing box was the only lone box left!)


I definitely wasnt motivated to get her onesies and other things done but I knew Id kick myself if I didnt. The funny thing is I told Freeland the most motivating thing to me to finish was so I could get the dining room clean .. he laughed and said he loved how messy it was and that we had projects all over the place. We are definitely different in that area.

Ive never nested before with the boys so this is a whole new world for me & I LOVE IT.  I laugh thinking about the things that were on my to-do list this time around that are definitely from nesting. 

I pray it lasts because I dont think our house has ever been so clean! (its still messy all the time but under the mess .. its SUPER clean!)  I mean .. I even cleaned our washing machine so thats clean.. right?

okay .. back to getting things done! We all have a ton of doctors appointments today. My last one and then I have to go do some physical and blood work for the hospital and the boys thankfully just barely squeezed in their well visits (and flu shots!) just before she arrived to. Here's to hoping they all stay healthy!! 

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  1. Does she come tomorrow?!? So exciting!! Saying a prayer for you now :)