Monday, November 26, 2012

Chapel Joy's Birthday

One of the best days ever. I find its just going even faster with the 3rd. I want to pause time even more than I ever. I love having a newborn around.

So much of her first day of life feels like a blur because I was on lots of meds & benadryl to help after the c-section. (I get supa-dupa itchy after all my csections) but it was an amazing day and one that even though I was fighting keeping my eyes open I'll never forget.

Even though we went into the hospital with the c-section planned .. when I got to the hospital I was having contractions every 2-4 minutes!! I could feel them but they werent painful so I actually didnt realize it at the time that labor was starting on its own! Funny to be in labor and have no idea. I felt like a newby (since Ive never gone into labor before I have no idea what Im doing in that area! ;)

I felt fine and relaxed the entire time they prepped me.. then they wheeled me into the O.R. and as the anesthesiologist pointed out .. my heart rate sky rocketed and my emotions/anxiety were a little out of control. I got super cold (thats why there are blankets all over me in the pictures) and felt a little nauseous but thankfully once everything got started & Freeland was finally in the room I calmed down.

I kept asking Freeland over and over how things were going. It was nice knowing how familiar he is with the O.R. now that he was fully aware of everything happening and could reassure me 800 times. And this is the first time I havent felt nauseous during the actual c-section so that was wonderful! I just sat there praying and watching Freeland!

*possible TMI following* The doctor did tell me (and she SHOWED Freeland even though he would much prefer to not see me umm open on an operating table! yikes!) that if I ever tried a V-BAC it would be unsuccessful and my uterus was super thin and would probably rupture. (she also pointed out and showed him how they could see I was in labor! Crazy!) Thankfully, I never intended to try a v-bac as I knew labor wouldnt work (she would get stuck while I was trying to push) and I wouldnt be able to deliver a baby. But it was reassuring that the peace we have always had about having c-sections was there for a reason! phew

Praise the Lord for another smooth delivery. Nothing prepares you for that moment when you sit and wait to hear your child scream & cry with their first breath of life! The rest of the day was wonderful as well.

All the doctors, nurses, and staff were wonderful. I had no idea what to expect since it was a new hospital again but the entire experience was still great! There did end up being a resident in the room but just for anesthesia .. not surgery! ;)  Chapel adjusted to life beautifully. She got to come to recovery with me the entire 2 hours! It was the first time one of the kids actually stayed with me and it was amazing! She did have a hard time over the next 3 days getting all the fluid out and after continually choking and more importantly not being able to breathe .. Freeland finally convinced the staff to do a deep suction on her without sending her to the NICU and she was great after that!

The first day we just enjoyed her for the afternoon until River & Wylder woke up from their naps. Then my mom brought them up to meet their baby sister for the first time. Such a sweet moment that I'll never forget.

Here are some pictures from the first day of Chapel Joy's life:
(sorry some are huge bc flickr/blogger is having issues)

waiting to go back to the OR

waiting and praying






PS: She looks IDENTICAL to River.. just with dark hair! At first I thought she looked more like Wylder because of her eyes but upon comparing pictures when we got home you almost cant tell the difference between them!

IMG_1434-2getting pumped with meds in recovery.


proud dad making phone calls



our wonderful nurses during the surgery





Then the big brothers came to meet their sister. This was River opening the gift he brought her .. then he opened gifts from her to each of the boys..




Wylder was AMAZED. He just sat and watched her and gave her lots of kisses




(the trains were a huge hit)





all 3 kids in my lap for the first time!






Thank you again for all your sweet emails, comments, phone calls, text, etc. We are overjoyed and the Lord was so faithful to answer so many of our prayers! Thank you especially for your prayers! The transition has been smooth so far. Im just so thankful. I'll post lots more pictures soon.


  1. so so so happy for you brooke!!! :) Now there's another kid to have the anthropologie beanie passed down to...if river will give it up! haha
    Praying for you guys as you adjust! Love you tons! Kenya says congrats! ha :)

  2. Brooke, she is so, so beautiful! Congratulations to you, Freeland and your growing family! What a beautiful family. So thankful everything went well and your sweet baby girl is here and healthy!

  3. Those pictures with River and Wylder are just too cute! Love the picture of the family of 5 :)

  4. Beautiful pictures! I love getting to see the day. Love the family of five pics. Also, Wylder's face...hilarious. I'm pretty sure that Freeland makes those faces 24/7. Love you guys