Thursday, November 15, 2012

40 weeks

So here we are. Thought Id do one last update.


I feel like all the sudden we arrived to the day. Its so easy to get distracted with all there is to do (even when its fun and nice to do) and forget what we're doing it all for.

But we made it. 40 weeks.

I cant believe this is my 3rd time and even with not having the c-section early like normal I havent gone into labor. I mean I can believe it actually ..  and this time its a HUGE blessing too. Yesterday at my appointment the doctor said I still didnt even have any progress towards her arriving! (all is closed up if you know what I mean.. like literally NOTHING is happening at all) I know that could have changed all within moments .. and even though my body feels like its ready to go into labor at any moment .. its not!


I feel good considering. I have random pains in my legs, back, and tush. lots of little mini contractions. And then all the other normal things. And Im pretty sure at this point even drinking water gives me indigestion. I never had that with the boys. But phew I have it now for sure!

and Ive just given up on sleeping and im trusting the Lord is preparing me for little sleep!


We toured the hospital the other weekend. Its a really nice hospital and the doctors are great and the baby will have great care. However, it made me want to drive back to Erie because boy was I SPOILED with that hospital room. My room at this new hospital is about 1/4 the size and probably hasnt been updated in the last 30 years. Clearly, this will have nothing to do with anything and I will be just fine. But I'll miss "the hotel" I stayed in last time for sure!


Freeland said the only good thing is this time around I might actually be ready to leave the hospital. (Normally, Im begging to stay) The person giving the tour also informed us that they dont take the babies at night into the nursery. Ummm, I was definitely that mom that looked so insensitive and heartless because I clarified twice that what she was saying was true. "what if you really need sleep" "what if the baby is crying and you cant sleep" "what if ... " you get the point. we'll see what happens because the last 2 times I have ended up sending Wylder & River to the nursery so I could get sleep. hmmmm...

My mom is on her way right now. River just wont know what to do with himself having her here.

Still no name. But just to clarify, probably most of that is because we barely have time to talk about names. Its not that we are sitting around going in circles trying to decide. We just honestly havent talked about it.


My belly button is a rockin. Its so strange to me since it never happened before. Ive gained more weight than I did with Wylder at this point. But as long as she's healthy Im happy. She still moves a ton and uses me as a punching bag.

Cant wait to get to the hospital and meet her. I have lots of deep wonderful joyful feelings and affections towards her already. I feel so ready to meet her. (not sure Im ready to be up all day/night with a new born but...) I have a peace about everything.


Feel free to join us in prayer for a healthy smooth delivery and for a smooth/joyful transition into a family of 5. Specifically Im praying the Lord gives River & Wylder a big ol heart full of love for her. We are praying she sleeps & eats like a champ. Ive never been able to nurse well from the beginning and its always been about a 3 week process of pumping, doctors appointments, waking every 2 hours.. etc.  so we are praying she takes to it fast and my body gets in gear fast too. And of course .. we are praying she sleeps well (ie: not like Wylder! ;) No colic, reflux, or allergies. More than anything we want the Lords will for her life and the transition .. but those are what we are believing for!

(this one was yesterday)


Thank you for all your congratulations, encouragement, and kind words already!

Stay tuned for pictures of baby girl! ;) 


  1. We'll be praying for your family of 5 and a safe delivery! Congratulations! I know freeland's schedule has been crazy if it's anything like Tyler's & hopefully y'all get some good time together!

  2. Enjoyed reading this Brooke! Will be praying for you and baby. We are in the same name and no time to decide what we like! Can you send an updated address so I can keep in touch at Christmas. Praying!

  3. so excited for you guys!! best of luck with everything! sending prayers your way! :)

  4. Thinking of you...Can't wait to see pics.