Thursday, October 18, 2012

the start of the baby's room (and a few pictures of Rivers room for good measure)

*Note, I dont assume anyone cares to see all the pictures of our house! This is to show all our family and friends who arent able to travel all the way up here. ;) Hopefully this way yall feel a little more like you are apart of our life/family here.*

Now that I showed you the guest room/baby room a little bit before when there was carpet I'll show you the start to decorating the baby's room

pause: just found these on my phone. Here is more of the room before:


hey super dark room

the glorious closet with LOTS of space .. I mean feel free to come LIVE with us there is that much space

our realtor makin calls!

I also found this picture.. but I have no idea when its from because thats not the color of the carpet when we first looked at the house or bought it?! strange

Okay moving along.. 

Well, this WAS the start. We recently realized we arent putting her in this room so its all about to change. After baby arrives and all our guest leave we will make this room Wylders room and give the new baby his room (since its next door to our room.. making night feedings a tad easier than going upstairs)

But this was the start .. and you kind of get an idea

this is right outside her doorway on your way up the stairs

Its also our guest room (SO COME VISIT!!)


We found that dresser at a garage sale for $20 and painted it white. The top comes off and when it goes into her new room we probably wont add it. Thats a used crib too. (its made because its where Miles sleeps when he comes to visit! ;)

Also, she isnt getting new bedding. We never end up using the bedding for very long with our kiddos so I dont see the point. Sheets are changed way too often and a bed skirt & bumpers just get in the way. I am going to get her an adorable new sheet though. Stay tuned. ha

(I feel like we are sloooowly transitioning out of everything in our house being blue/aqua so her room wont have any of that stuff! ;)


theres a bathroom in this room. Here is River dreaming of going outside to play in the backyard instead of helping me upstairs! ;)

the mess behind those closet doors is seriously impressive and my goal over the next 2 weeks to clean out. (its where we threw all the baby stuff so its the swing, play mat, clothes, etc!)

that picture was given to me by my bestie Meagan.. her sister is an artist and drew it. It means the world to me .. its a picture of me kneeling before the cross. I get all weepy just thinking about it!

The walls are currently gray. (the same color as our fireplace) and Im going to keep them that way

this was in my room when I was a little girl so its definitely going in her room

blurry but you get the point. need to fill the picture frames.

I snapped all those really quickly a while back. A few things have changed. My mom sent us some of my baby dresses and we'll hang those on the wall. Im also going to order some prints for her room. But like I said .. her room is changing so it will actually all change!

And for those who are curious, here are a few pictures I found of Rivers room.

Here is the before:


and now Rivers room:


This picture hanging on the wall is going to go in the girls room instead.. but its there for right now. I have a new one picked out for River. And something is going in the middle of that fireplace I just have to figure out what it is so it wont cover the only vent in his room ;)

his little bookcase


Thats one of my baby blankets that he uses in his bed at night hanging on the crib

Theres another side to his room with his trunk and dresser but I guess I didnt take pictures of it? We finally got curtains hung up in his room .. and soon he will be getting a big boy bed (or maybe not soon? Im not sure. Definitely not until after the baby) But I havent done much in his room because I know it will all change once a bed goes in there .. and then eventually Wylder & River will share a room so it will change again. Im excited to finally get all their rooms set up eventually. I just know its going to take time with all the change going on!

But .. eventually .. it will happen! I'll post pictures when it does. 

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  1. Oh, I love that you posted this! I just love your style! We haven't done anything to prepare our little one's room yet...I figure it will all come together. Um....shouldn't I be nesting at some point?!!