Monday, October 15, 2012

the only way to keep him still these days

Wylder is not a cuddler (as Ive mentioned 1800 times)

But if you want a chance of him sitting still in your lap all thats needed is a book:


Its so crazy to me. And shows how kiddos are naturally so different. Ive done nothing to foster his little love of flipping through books than I did with River but if he see's one he instantly brings it over to you to read with him. River was never this interested in books.


He wont sit forever with you.. but its the longest that he will sit with you so we take it. And if he is super tired he'll stay longer. My favorite is when he climbs himself in my lap to read them.

(now.. try to get him to watch TV or a video and he only last .5 seconds! ha)


Also, our neighbor across the street literally brings us new books for the boys *at least* every 2 weeks. So their library is growing .. and fast! What a blessing.


Little man turns 15 months in 5 days. And it just occurred to me he will be 15 months old when the baby is actually born. The same as River .. so now all our kiddos are officially 15 months appart!

(how did I not realize this before? No idea)


He is walking full time now! He took his first step just 2 days before he turned 14 months old .. which was literally exactly the same as his big brother if I remember correctly!! How funny. Its so much easier with him walking. We'll see what its like as he gets more comfortable and takes off .. but for now its a lot easier.

He still takes 2 naps most days. But the first one I keep super short (about 30-45 minutes max) otherwise the afternoon is non-existent! He still eats well but he's becoming pickier and pickier. Thats okay because he still eats a variety of food so Im thankful. He FINALLY has slowed down putting everything in his mouth! Im SO thankful. Going outside is much easier!

And he is starting to actually listen when we say no .. or no touch .. or come back downstairs! Praise the Lord. He definitely doesnt always listen but there are times he does and Im just so glad he is understanding and following directions. And he can go up & down the stairs on his own now. Which will be a huge help when Baby 3 arrives!

The biggest change (besides walking) is how much he is talking!!! I expected him to talk super super late and then all the sudden a month ago he just started throwing out word after word after word! Its pretty cute. Most of it is still hard to always understand and Im sure Freeland & I are the only ones who know what he is saying but he is talking and will repeat most things. The things he says most are:

Brother (probably his first official word besides mama, dada, and more) "bubba"
dump truck
choo choo
hi (while he tilts his little head like a flirt .. its cute)
more, please, help, thank you .. etc
night night
bye bye
sister (he tries to say it but its more sissssssaaa)

He hasnt shown any huge separation anxiety or anything really (at least yet.. River didnt until 18 months) but his world does crumble apart when Freeland walks out of the room. So if anything Id say he has separation anxiety with Freeland! ha.

He started throwing fits. If he is sick, teething, or tired they are AWFUL. and loud! ;) But normally they are short lived so Im fine letting him sort it out for himself and he quickly gets over it. Lets hope it stays that way. He's also starting to play really well on his own. He'll even go downstairs and play by himself for a little while now! Its wonderful!  Of course .. he prefers to play with whatever his brother is playing with. Insert me adding referee to my title of mother! ha. But really - its not funny. Its exhausting. we'll work it out though.

Here's to being 15 months old little man! The month you become a big brother too what a blessing!! Your little smile is contagious and full of lots of joy behind it. I love your playful and silly personality and I love that you are slowly becoming more cuddly and affectionate passing out kisses and hugs to eeerbody! You add a lot of joy to our family and I'll be forever grateful for that!

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