Friday, October 19, 2012

that time we had a TON of guests come visit

What a blessing.

We have had more guests than I ever imagined the last couple of months.

I think its definitely interesting and the Lord must know us better than we know ourselves sending so many friends and family to visit us right before the baby arrives. Especially since half of them were last second trips!

Its kept us busy, its been refreshing, and we definitely feel loved. Im sure its helped with the transition of residency more than we realize. And the fact that we definitely have no idea when we'll all be able to go back to Texas as a family makes it even more special seeing so many people here.

My brother, Bill & Christie, Kevin & Becca, My mom, Tracy, Crystal, and Russ & Corinne have all come to visit! Bethany & Josh also stopped in one afternoon.. And we just found out last week that my Nana & Pop are going to be able to come visit the first weekend of November! How fun. (not to mention all the trips Drew & Sarah have graciously made to see us and we're actually on our way out the door to see them right now)

The only sad part:

I literally only have pictures from when my brother was here and when Bill & Christie stopped by. 

I have no pictures to show all the other people who have come to spend time with us and our kiddos.

Just the memories! ;)

River talks about everyone all the time. Especially when he prays at night. He randomly remembers someone who has come to see us and thanks Jesus for them. (Soooo if you need extra prayer just come visit and a certain little 2 year old will add you to our list! ;)

But these pictures are cute and Im thankful for at least having them.



we were all actually taking bets at which child would start crying first when they were all at the water table. (river had a rough/emotional day for whatever reason this day so there were lots of tears!)






I try to show these pictures to River whenever I think about it because I dont want him to forget who Jackson is! The thought makes me a sad!!

So far he still remembers!


How nice just getting to sit in the backyard with familiar faces!

And look at these two:





River loves Bill & Christie for sure!

And here he is with my brother after the week he spent with us:


River isnt always cooperative for pictures so sometimes you just gotta take what you can get

Wylder on the other hand:


He may look like his daddy but he takes after his momma (always looking at the camera..  dont worry its just a joke in our family. Im not that vain, I promise)


The boys had a blast with my brother too and definitely got used to him being here.

Now River just tells me that everyone is at work. Jasons at work.. Pistol is at work.. Mimi's at work... Lady's at work .. etc. Sad that he doesnt understand where everyone goes yet. But its sweet that he remembers them now and that he is completely okay with the idea that they are all at work!

*PS: Since we are leaving for Mile's birthday party it reminded me that I never posted pictures from his party last year .. UMMM that will be happening because it was adorable. The same with Jacksons birthday party .. and while Im thinking about it our Girls Group sleepover!? Howd I miss all that! Stay tuned!

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  1. AWWWWWEE We miss you guys so much! What a sweet post. I love the adorable pictures and I cannot wait to show Jackson in the morning. He remembers River too. Pictures do help. You all are such dear friends and we pray for you and your growing family. Thank River for the sweet prayers. We will see you after the baby comes! Love ya guys!