Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Well, the unthinkable happened.

And I couldnt be more excited!

Last Christmas when we were home my dad rented us a mini-van so we could all get around in one car with the kids too.

Within .15 seconds of being in it I told Freeland that we had to get one.

(of course, I meant when the time came.. I had no idea then that the time would be a few months from that day!)

I cant believe vans get such a bad wrap. I mean have you been in one?!

(PS: Amanda wrote a funny post about her van if you would rather read her much less-wordy post I encourage you to! its how I feel about our van too ;)

We opted to sell the truck instead of the Acura as its a gas guzzler and it didnt even fit 2 car seats in the backseat as well as the Acura. It was definitely sad to say bye to Wade, that was the trucks name. Freeland bought that from our dear Vet in Waco back when we were dating and his accord finally gave out. I actually loved driving the truck! But it was the right decision and Im thankful the Acura is a steady reliable car to keep too!

Anyway, moving along. Sarah & Drew came in town. (they are so awesome, I know) and I had a doctors appointment which almost gave Freeland a heart attack because he was so anxious to get the van while he had the evening off work. He waited as patiently as possible for me to get home so he could leave. Then he zoomed away and next thing I know .. I see this coming up the driveway:



so clean and sparkly! Makes it look like its brand new (its not) but lets hope it stays looking this nice!


to say River was excited would be an understatement. Although, Im sure he had no idea what was going on.



friends hangin out

Look at all that room!!!! GLORY!!! 

checking it all out.

taking it for a pretend test drive




reading his brother the manual




lots of room to climb around and go crazy!


(taken with my phone, obvs)

I strongly dislike buying a car. And this was our first time buying a car together. And I think I had a lot of anxiety looking back.

What a blessing. How faithful is the Lord?! Our heart was just to be reasonable and responsible with the decision and get something within our means that would honor him with the finances we had been given. This car will last us a LONG time. We prayed and prayed because whatever we bought needed to be exactly within a certain price range .. but it also needed to be reliable enough to last us 5+ years without ANY extra cost or things going wrong. So we needed an affordable and reliable car that wasnt going to cost us a dime extra during residency. (totally reasonable right? ha) By the way, this thought was more overwhelming to me than it was to buy a house!

The Lord is faithful! Through a series of divine events he provided. (which Im happy to share if you're interested) Amen!

**ALSO** somehow we have managed to keep the van snack free! I mean thats a praise in and of itself.. right?! I didnt think it was possible to get the kiddos anywhere without snacks in their hands but from day one we just said no snacks in the car and they drink water instead and play with toys and its miraculously working!!! (Freeland thought itd only last 2-3 days max!) So here's to keeping the van relatively clean without crumbs and dirt all over it!!! (which drive me nutzo!)


  1. I'm really interested in your life as a wife of a resident physician. My husband is thinking about pre-med but to get his doctorate he'd have to go to Birmingham, AL which is 1.5 hours away. We know nothing about the whole process. Right now, we both work full time, and he's in school full time. We have an 8 week old baby and my husband would love for me to stay home. I say he should be the one that gets to not work so he can dedicate 100% to school.
    Can you answer a few questions? Maybe write a blog post about it? I have been following you for a while, love your blog and your heart for the Lord and your I'm sure there are others like me and my husband that would love to know how you guys do it
    Have a great day

  2. Totally understand! We bought a suburban 2 WEEKS before I {oops} got pregnant with this 3rd baby :).

  3. Yay! Seriously...I tell people all the time it was the BEST purchase ever. I love it, and I'm glad you do too! I'm on a mission to convert my friends here in Mississippi, so we'll see!

  4. funny about the snack free thing. dropped my little one off at kindergarten today and she was eating a granola bar along the way. when she got out (i have to drop her off), she had crumbs all over her butt and a stain from a chocolate chip which made her look like she pooped her pants!