Wednesday, October 17, 2012

ripping up the carpet ..

There really wasnt anything major that needed to be done on our house when we moved in. Of course there is a ton we would love to do .. but nothing has to be done for us to live in it.

Except the first weekend we drove down to stay in the house, all I could smell was urine. Specifically upstairs in the guest room where the only room with carpet in the house was.

It definitely wasnt there when we were looking at the house. You can tell when someone is trying to cover up a smell.

especially urine

especially while youre pregnant.

There was never any type of smell before so it was a shock. But a shock we could handle!

Freeland claimed it wasnt that bad.

I claimed I couldnt stay another night in the house with how bad it was! ha

So we had the carpets cleaned to see if that would help. It was just one room and the stairs so it was worth it. It helped .. for about 3 days. Then with the heat the odor came back. When we had the carpet installed in the basement we had the awesome guy take a look upstairs for us and see what he thought. He even said it wasnt that bad of an odor .. Again, I disagreed. Its ALL I COULD SMELL! But he did us a favor and pulled up a tiny piece to inspect and see the damage and see if maybe we could just replace the hallway, or replace the carpet without replacing the pad, or if we should rip the entire thing out. He felt comfortable just ripping out the hallway and thought that would help. So we did.

But I told Freeland that evening, I didnt want to be debby downer, but I knew there was urine all over the room and not just the hallway. I hated for them to all think it was fixed and days later I still smell it.

I mean youre dealing with a pregnant person's nose here. If youre going to trust anyone - trust me!


PS: Carpet is expensive yall! So we were really just trying to avoid having to re-carpet the room! 

Longer story short .. Freeland started checking the corners of the room and before we knew it this happened:



Seriously, barely a spot without it.

and we just kept holding our breathe praying the floors continued to look as nice underneath as they did in the corner because we definitely couldnt replace the carpet at that time!

(the carpet before)



praise the Lord they were in relatively good condition!!


just a lot of dirt .. and nails .. and staples. nothing we couldnt handle.



(there you can see just part of the urine all over the carpet .. gross!)



we decided to leave the carpet just on the stairs. Otherwise, its sooo loud coming up & down. Definitely not something Id ever choose based on looks but with little ones in the house who sleep and nap I care a lot more about being quiet than I do looks at the moment! ;)



Now we are in the process of getting this room all fixed up. I'll post those pictures tomorrow.

I have a huge urge to paint the floors white now. The wall is currently gray. I just know itd look great with white floors. But since I know we will move in 5 years I keep talking myself out of it thinking about what would be best for when we sell the home! We'll see what happens.

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  1. Good to see you're getting stuff done. Come hell or high water!