Friday, October 5, 2012

hi october

How is it October?

How are we less than 6 weeks from meeting baby #3?

How is Freeland already on his 4th month of residency?

September flew by. We had guests back to back which was VERY welcomed. My bestie Crystal just left this week. We literally did nothing the entire time she was here except talk. For 5 days straight. That was also very welcomed!

Now the Ackley family is sick. Freeland got something viral at work which of course barely affected him and is now destroying the rest of us. Well, mainly River & me. Wylder seems to maybe be taking after Freeland so far .. he's a little out of it but hasnt slowed down or been phased nearly as much. (praise the Lord)

Freeland just finished a month long service in Akron doing pediatric ER. He loved working with the kids of course. The stories were heartbreaking and Im thankful he has such a big heart. After last month I decided our kids are never sleeping in bed with us, never playing football, never getting in a car .. basically they arent leaving the house for the next 30+ years.

Now he is back to Orthopedics. So we'll see what this month looks like!

Oh and have a mentioned Wylder is a full time walker now?! All hands on deck! Its actually been easier than when he was crawling though!

And, thats the update folks. I'll post more soon. After kids stop puking ;)


  1. Wow. Time has flown by. Hope everyone starts feeling better soon.

  2. I wouldn't have known what any of the that meant if I wasn't a big greys anatomy fan. :)

  3. When my husband rotates at children's he is not allowed to come home and share stories with me. I can't handle it. Breaks my heart to know what families and children deal with and I end up thinking about it way too much. It's just better if I don't know.