Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Pajama Party

Id say this years pictures went a little bit better than last year. Especially seeing as Wylder can sit up now.

I guess my mom started a tradition and got the boys matching Halloween pajamas again.

Pretty stinkin adorable.

Happy Halloween.










Im sure lots of costume pictures will follow.

We were lazy this year. With a 2 year old who I know wouldnt go all out we kept it simple and poor little brother gets hand me downs! ;)

Im pretty sure Trick or Treating is postponed in our neighborhood until Sunday because of the storm & rain. Seems crazy to do it on another day.

We've made it through the storm just fine. Never lost power or anything. Just lots of consistent rain, wind, and yucky weather. Our garage flooded and thankfully thats the worst of it for us. (although, if you know us .. you know there is a TON of furniture sitting in our garage so that actually really stunk.) I guess we didnt "need" it anyway if it was sitting in our garage waiting to be used! We'll see what the damage is once it stops raining and flooding in there! 


  1. It's amazing to think that Wilder was just a baby last year and he's grown so much!! And River is so grown up and handsome now. Sheesh, it all goes so fast! I love the pj and have just been champing at the bit to use some xmas ones I bought for the girls. I think we will take pictures asap, you inspired me. :-)

  2. i am LOVING river's hair. and they both look so stinkin' cute. miss y'all!