Friday, September 28, 2012

wanna be first day of school pictures

Lets pretend River had "first day of school pictures" like the rest of the world.

This is what they would look like .. and I love them.

He looks so much more grown up than a 2 year old to me. (wait until you see his haircut!!)

He loves his new backpack. He loves that its ALL his. He loves that he can put whatever he wants in it. (mostly books and cars) and he definitely has the most proud smile on his face when he wears it. So funny!









After we left Target, where my mom bought the backpack, I realized they actually have a fox one. I wish it had been there because I would have picked that one instead. The little puppy is pretty cute though. 

Note: Im totally not against putting him in school at this age. I actually think itd be great. I know he would have a blast and learn things that he doesnt naturally learn here (like getting in a line or following directions in groups, etc) But, they dont have Mothers Day Out up here like they do in the south. GASP! I know! Its stinky! They have just Pre-school. Although one program is called Parents Day Out? Its not the same as it is in Texas or other places. Most the preschools here require you be potty trained or they are too expensive for the time being so we are waiting until next year. River is just as content being home so its worked so far. And he goes with me to bible study every week & sunday school so he has time playing away from me there. PHHEEEWWW that was long winded ;)

BUT, if he did have first day of school pictures this is what they would look like ;)

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