Tuesday, September 4, 2012

the start of wylders room: getting rid of the orange walls

This was the first room I knew we wanted to change.


Because, this may surprise you, but orange isnt a color we normally decorate with.

White, gray, blue or green, white .. and more white. Okay

Orange and Im lost.


Thats some serious orange! Also, there was track lighting that Freeland took down. You can see where it was in that picture on top.

and I worked long and hard on the floors where a rug was previously taped down to the floor.. covering the entire room.


Literally every step you took your foot stuck to the floor. It took a while but nothing the shark vacuum couldnt help get up with lots of TLC too.

Then we just took paint that we already had from the previous owner which matches the living room and painted over all the orange.







almost done (one last strip up there at the top)

and voila .. done. A brand spankin new room you can actually breathe in:

 ahhh such a difference (even in the dark lighting!)

(curtains still being worked out.. and there is still a blanket hanging on the other wall covering the window. i dont like buying curtains)


it finally occurred to me to open the window .. so this is a more realistic picture. PS: love all the built ins around our house.

AHHHH much better without the sherbet orange!

I seriously hadnt even really noticed that much of a difference until I went back and saw these pictures. Funny how quickly you forget. Thank you Lord for before pictures! Makes me so thankful to see how much different it looks with a little paint! 

I really want to paint all the walls white. But we already had this paint so we went with it. And now Im thinking I might make this the babies room instead so we'll see what happens! 


  1. love seeing all the pictures of your house! Saw one of them on pint rest yesterday :)

  2. We are about to paint baby #2's room orange and gray. I am scared to death because I'm much more of a white/blue/aqua kind of gal but with the fabric and everything tying it all together I think it's going to be amazing. At least my decorator mom says so...hahahaha

  3. Kelly! That sounds really cute!! I actually almost did blue & orange originally with River. I think it is a sweet color esp for a baby! The color the previous owner had on the walls was an ug orange though. ;) I cant wait to see the orange & gray together!!

    And kate .. thank you so much for your sweet comment! Pretty sure I made Free sit down and look at all the pictures of your house when you posted it because it was just so darn cute!!! I love your taste!

  4. My mom had "babies don't keep" in our room growing up. Love it.