Friday, September 7, 2012

nap lockdown

Playing with the fireplace .. a HUGE no no in our house. But here is proof it still happens

matchy matchy big boy pajamas!!

pictures of a normal evening for us after dinner before bed...

choke hold or hug??  (it was a hug)

Currently, life has been slow and quiet. Most days we stay home or if we get out its to go to the store or run an errand. Not that you really have to twist my arm to stay home. I actually love staying home and not having to get out .. but when its no longer an option to get out your perception changes.. you all the sudden feel like you should be getting out.

Most days, the boys schedule looks like this:

9:00 Wylder naps
11:00 Wylder wakes up & River naps
2:00 River wakes up & Wylder naps
4:00 both boys finally awake


So in case you dont want to figure out what all that means .. it means at least one of my kiddos is napping from 9:00am-4:00pm leaving us lots of time at home.

Of course there are times we push Wylder during the week (for church or bible study or something else) but this is our usual day.

Its slow paced and I spend lots of time making snacks, hanging out on the floor playing with trains, coloring, changing diapers or playing outside with River.

Its simple and quiet and I actually find lots of joy in it. (thank you Jesus!)

I especially enjoy getting one on one time with each child while the other one naps. (although it does take away the option for me to nap most days too .. thats okay! ;) And its nice that since Freeland is currently the only one with a busy schedule we can normally work around his schedule very easily!


Ive had lots of moms around me with older children encourage me to enjoy the days where its easy having all the kids under one roof at one time .. or having us all eat dinner together because before I know it they wont want my constant attention and I'll be begging them to stay home for dinner or driving around all afternoon for football & basketball practice..

So Im encouraged and really do love & embrace this season of our lives. And Im thankful both boys have a constant playmate all day long. (even with all the constant "please share that" "please dont take that from your brother" "please stop hitting" :)


Im especially thankful to be learning to find freedom to parent and do things the way that helps me enjoy being a mom and helps me embrace motherhood. Im thankful to be learning the things that bring me joy and allow me to be fulfilled instead of the things that stress me out or bring constant frustration to my life.


And honestly, we're in the process of switching Wylder to one nap so before I know it .. it will look different. (And I love what that different looks like too!) But thankfully, for the time being I enjoy our simple days. Umm and ya know, in 10 or so less weeks we're adding another to the bunch so we'll go through it all over again! woo hoo!

PS: This was the boys first time in matching BIG BOY pajamas. I must admit .. I normally dont like these pajamas. I mean they just arent as cute as the cotton ones or the footed PJ's. Mimi sent them to the boys. The second River saw them he insisted he put it on (he's never insisted on wearing anything a day in his life) so I get now why parents buy them. The delight he has when he 'gets' to wear mater and McQueen to bed is amazing (even though he probably hasnt seen that movie in over a year!) And even though on a hanger I dont think they are "adorable" .. I do think they are pretty stinkin cute on the boys. Especially when they both wear them!

-note: it did take River a few minutes to understand why Wylder got to wear Thomas and he had to wear Lightning McQueen! ha.

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  1. C just got his first pair of Lightening McQueen jammies this morning (with matching slippers) from his grandma and insisted on wearing them ALL day. This included out to dinner with friends...but he did look super adorable ;)