Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My PB&J's will set your world on fire

I always love those things. They make me feel much cooler about parenting. And they make me laugh.

Freeland & I have been talking lately about how there are so many comments directed towards being a parent that make it seem like its an awful thing. The "good luck with that" or the "just wait until they're older" type of comments. And while yes, I know it comes from good intentions and it isnt that anyone is saying it isnt worth it but instead its as if they are setting you up to expect failure and hurt maybe? Regardless, it doesn't make me enjoy what Im doing or encourage me in anyway. Thankfully, by the grace of God, there have been lots of other encouraging words spoken to me (or that I have read) that push me along in this journey & give me biblical truths to hold on to. Words that give me promises and miracles to believe for.. and allow me to operate as a mother out of love instead of fear. Its definitely easier to buy into the fear and try to control and make decisions based on that. But there isnt freedom there and its not the Lords desire for us as parents. I find I enjoy being a mom a lot more when I parent out of Love and trust the Lord for what he says is truth and the promises he says he will fulfill.

Anyway, that came from nowhere. But its what I was thinking about.

I went to a parenting conference at our church over the weekend and it was great and refreshing. Im very thankful for the opportunity to grow and learn and I'll happily take all the wisdom I can get. ;) I pray that all parents find the same type of encouragement too because its made such a difference for us. 

My mom came in town for a last second trip this weekend. To say River was in Heaven would be an understatement. Then my step mom is coming through for work.. then my bestie Crystal gets here at the end of the month. All very exciting things that Im grateful for.

PS: Did I tell you that we just traded in the truck for a VAN?!?!!? True story.
PPS: The other day I was rapping for River in the car trying to keep him & Wylder awake. I was seriously impressed with myself. He on the other hand seemed unimpressed. I felt like it was a little glimpse into what high school might be like. ;)

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  1. Nobody does parenting perfectly, least not me. But the Scripture I took as a father (and still claim) when it all began 28 years ago is "love covers a multitude of sins" (I Peter 4:8). If your children know you love them, that will provide the grace you need for the times you are less than Scripture perfect.