Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wylders turns 1

On Wylders actual birthday Freeland was working and then he was on call on Saturday and had to be at the hospital all day. So I spent the day with the boys celebrating and then we went to a laid back dinner that night to celebrate all together when Freeland got off.

Our little one year old waking up on his birthday in mismatched pajamas:

LAST BOTTLE EVER. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah. Amen.

Last time messing with all this junk. (lots of bottles + formula + oatmeal + medicine twice a day) Dont get me wrong .. I realize this could have been a lot more or looked very different but I cant tell you how relieved I am to not have bottles and medicine all over our kitchen sink and counters. (more on that later.. I want to write it all down so I dont forget)

So to celebrate I took the boys out for doughnuts that morning at a cute little spot down the street:


Wylders very first doughnut

Funny side note: I dont think River had his first doughnut until he was almost 2 or maybe even after? Not because we are against it .. it just never happened. And here we are with Wylder the day he turns 1 givin him a sugar rush! 2nd child.


thats about how interested Wylder was in it. One bite and he went back to eating cheerios. Now.. had it been ice cream .. that would be a different story!

Then we came home. played. napped. played more.

Opened lots of fun packages that came in the mail:

big brother of course helping



Funny: Wylder crawled off so River ran chasing him to make sure he saw his gifts and to show him all the DVD's. SUCH an encourager that little one is!

Wylders "excited" face playing with his toys. Note: Freeland makes this same.exact.face

Wylders "not excited" face watching his brother play with his toys instead


Once Freeland got home we headed back out and went to chick fil a to spoil the boys in honor of Wylder. River was SO sweet saying "Happy Biiirrrthday Wyyyylder" over and over. I love that somehow he gets just as excited to celebrate Wylder still.




and the grand finale :


daaaaang. the boy has no idea what a treat this is. Ive searched all over and have yet to find a better cookies and cream milkshake. So happy 1st Birthday Wylder .. youre literally getting one of the yummiest desserts for your birthday. (also I didnt bake you a cake so Im glad a milkshake made you just as happy) Thanks for sharing it with me & river too.  It was killing Freeland that he couldnt take a bite!


(that little tear was from bumping his head. you can see the red spot. the funny thing is - this is such a common occurrence that I have no idea what he actually did. I think he always has a bump somewhere on his head or face!)


Then we got some play time on the slides.



All & all it was a great day. Relaxed. Focused on Wylder. Fun with family. And full of lots of yummy food! I never realized how much siblings reap the benefits of their brother or sisters birthday too. I mean River pretty much had the best day ever thanks to Wylder! What a fun treat for both of them!

And on Sunday we took Wylder to his first MLB game .. then the next weekend we had friends in town and over to have cake so this little boy got to make his birthday last! (taking after his momma! ;)

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  1. I think I said this when River turned one but, what?? How is that possible already? Happy Birthday little man!!