Friday, August 24, 2012

Wylder Davis

Wylder, Wyld Man, Wyld-a-beast .. or Walter as our neighbor thinks your name is! ;)

What a toot. I snapped these pictures before church one morning as we were literally running out the door. Not my best timing. But he was dressed and awake so I took advantage.


at 12 months (now 13) you are awesome. Your little personality is coming through and we are sooo excited about that. You tend to have an extreme personality. You show your emotions thats for sure. If you are happy .. youre over the moon thrilled. If your upset (say if someone walks out of the room or you finish your milk?) you scream and cry. The same even when you are excited you go NUTZO! whatever emotion it is you tend to show it so Im thankful we'll hopefully at least always know how you feel! ;)


you are an amazing eater. This goes to show that some kids just naturally eat well no matter what the parents do because I have done nothing different to foster this in you than I did River and you eat such a variety of food it amazes me. (SO thankful I know not to take pride in how you eat at this stage!) Youre our little trash disposal.. if something needs to be finished or nobody else liked it - you will generally scarf it down. Seriously, you eat Pad Thai, Lima beans & Black beans with curry powder on them, grilled chicken by itself, even broccoli and almost anything else I put in front of you. The only things you dont seem to like are tomatoes by themselves, pineapple, and I think you spit out cucumber? Of course if you arent hungry you spit out food. And there are times you are picky. But overall - Im super happy with how well you eat.


Youre taking 2 naps a day. I see you going to 1 soon since this last week you had a hard time falling asleep at your 2nd nap unless I woke you up early from your first. You go to bed around 6:00-7:00 and you wake up around 6:30-7:30 in the morning. You are a SUPER light sleeper and wake up easily. We may move your room upstairs because of this. But thankfully you normally put yourself back to sleep so its not a huge deal.


Youre not walking. But youre close. You took 2 steps the day you turned 13 months old .. though you had no idea! You LOVE walking with your toys and if someone will hold your hand. You just gotta figure out on your own you can do it.


Youre super ticklish still. You love your brother. You LOVE your dad. When hes around you want his attention most. You love wrestling on the pillows, cars, balls, and any other toy your brother is playing with.


Look at that personality!? Seriously. I melt. Oh and in case you ever wonder .. you look identical to your father. IDENTICAL.

Your little chunk thighs are getting skinnier and it kinda makes me sad!


You hit your brother back for the first time at 13 months too. I knew it was coming. Maybe this isnt something I should document .. but we have been waiting for it any day now. River stood there shocked. (granted it was after he pushed you and I was in the middle of disciplining him) you just crawled over and whacked him on the face. So here we go .. now we'll work on both of you being gentle!

You do still admire River a lot though and he makes you laugh all the time!


You busted your eardrum the other day. That was crazy. We had no idea except this nasty funk was in your ear and you fa-reaked out if we even kissed your ear so we took you to the doctor. Turns out you most likely had an ear infection for a long time that caused so much pressure it ruptured your eardrum. Poor guy!


oh and you still only have 5 teeth. The same 5 teeth you got a 4 MONTHS OLD! They all shot out and then you stopped. I have no idea when all these other ones will finally pop out. But I love your little smile


You are a little dream come true! Such a little goofy boy. I cant wait to see you as a big brother too! It makes me laugh just to think about it. (In a heart felt adorable way) Im more aware this time around how little you have any idea whats going on. I honestly havent even thought twice about how you will adjust. I think you'll do just fine! And I love that about you! Love you Wylder Davis.

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