Friday, August 3, 2012

the time I went crazy and shared the girl names we are thinking about

Probably the most common question we get asked (and most pregnant people who know the sex of their babies get asked) is


as you know.. Freeland and I have never shared the names we were thinking of before when we had both our boys. I mean, we shared them if we were talking to you. (And the ones we shared/talked about we almost regretting saying because it just opened up everyone to feel free to share how much they didnt like them with us! ) Anyway, it wasnt a secret.. I dont feel the need to keep it a secret. I just dont think I ever posted them on our blog. The main reason I never shared them is because we never had any we liked.  We had ones we talked about but never ones we liked.


Literally, both times we went into the hospital to deliver our kids we had 0% idea what we were naming them. As we were leaving with Wylder we still didnt really know what he was being named! ;)  Of course this time if it was a boy he had a name:

Judah Freeland

Judah means praise. Freeland picked it. I love it.  I picked out the "Freeland" part because I love it. Its also a family name... which goes with all our kids middle names so far.

And now that we finally had a boy name .. we are having a girl!

of course.

Our problem this time around are there are waaaaayyyyy too many names that we both like. So instead of having zero on a list.. our list is too long.


And I hear names everyday that I want to add to our list. ARGH!!!  (its a good problem. Id much rather this than not hearing any that I like)

So without further ado .. this is MY list of current names that I like.

Current meaning: today at noon. Ask me around 2:00 and it might be different.

Freeland's list is different. So in full disclosure .. Im really just sharing my list of names. Although one of these is his favorite and not mine.

(dont worry.. I wont be taking up graphic design anytime soon! ha) 

Most likely (99% positive) her middle name will be Joy after Freeland's sweet Uncle Joy. (Im pretty sure half of Freeland's HUGE extended family has named one of their children Joy at some point.. what a legacy he left!)

Piper & Charlie have always been our favorite girls names from when we were dating or engaged. (I cant remember when we had those conversations) Freeland's cousin Mary has a little girl named Charlie (adorable right?!) So, Piper is always what we said we would name our first daughter BUT now that we have 2 other children whose names end in "ER" Im just not sure.  (silly & ridiculous I know!)

I feel super secretive not pointing out which of those are in my top 3. I had it on here and deleted it. Sneaky. Sneaky. {unless you subscribe to our blog in email or google reader .. then you'll maybe see it}

We've had lots of suggestions for Lake & Skylar. Both of which are cute but I like other ones more and so does Freeland. And while Im up for the "theme" in our names continuing it really was never our intention to have that happen so its not a priority to me! ;)

Im also still TOTALLY up for finding other ones. (suggestions welcome!) I know that we'll find one that we love. 

Phew! All that felt good to get off my chest. I'll let you know as we narrow it down.


  1. I love to hear names and was so giddy when I saw the title of your post today! You and I have very similar girl taste. Elliot was my favorite girl name when I was pregnant with hank. Everleigh (spelled that way because my sisters middle is Leigh ;) has been on my mind lately if/when we had another girl. Love all of your choices though! And it makes me laugh because Scott and I can agree on lots of boy names but ZERO for future girls. We seem to be opposite of most people.

  2. Cute names!! What program did you use for the names?

  3. I loooooove Chapel!! It is so different and I love different names. Also do u like Sailor or Navie? Cant wait to see what you finally decide!

  4. Is it weird that I don't know you, but still want to suggest names? Yes, yes it is, but I won't let that stop me. I love names and I love your list.

    What about...

  5. Lakyn or Laikyn to go along but still be different :)

  6. We have a Judah!! We had a hard time deciding on a girl name this time around and finally settled on Carys. I almost thought about Jasper though. It means "treasure" (in the Bible at least) I think and I thought it would be such a great boy turned girl name.

    From the ones on your list, I love Chapel and Everly!!! The others are pretty and I like them but I think they are more popular.

  7. Naming is so hard! I've been obsessed with baby names for years, long before I even knew for sure I'd have children. Now I'm pregnant with my first, and I feel frozen. Nothing seems right, and I change my mind about every few hours. We've decided not to learn the sex, which is fun, but makes naming even more difficult.

    For the record I love your current top names. I think Sloan is my favorite.

  8. So, I've followed your blog for awhile and have never commented... but names are SO fun- so I must :)

    First off I have an Elliot and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it for a girl. Its a win/win we call her Elliot, Ellie or Elle for short. We also have a Harper which I love as well. When I was pregnant with our second daughter our runner up's were:


    It's a hard decision! I cant wait to hear what you pick!

  9. Oooh I love LEVI for a girl and Sloan is on our LONG (and still waiting) girl list.

    Chapel is a very unique name, I like it a lot too.

    I like


    1. Ever??!!! Is by far my most favorite name but got so much crap by everyone and my husband put the hammer down and wouldn't allow it... ugh. Never have I heard someone mention it and I love it

  10. I forgot two more we had!


  11. adorbale...all of them

    we never fully decide until the baby is born. we have combinations agreed upon and things ready to go, but there is something about seeing that precious face and just knowing!

    i am so thrilled you are adding pink to your home (not necessarily the color, but the joys of little girls are just so sweet) you and Freeland will be incredible parents of three!

  12. I vote for Piper. All three kids will have the same -er name! Pretty cool and clever!

  13. Wonderful choices! We're naming our girl Willow Harper when she gets here in December. Our runner up was Olive. You can't go wrong with any of the names on your list.

  14. LOVE Everley, and Piper. Very cute. I think Everley Joy would be beautiful!

  15. Piper is blowing up.. so is WIllow and hazel.

    i dont care for super hot names.. that's just my 2 cents.

  16. I've know three little girls named Everly born in the past three months, two of whom are Everly Joy. That name is getting popular QUICK!

  17. Hi, you don't know me, but I'm swinging over from Blogher.
    After our 2nd was born and she had 4 letters in her name like her sister, I made up on rule: the next child's name had to be 4 letters.
    Then, when we were pregnant with number 4, I made up LOTS of rules: it had to be 4 letters, it couldn't end in an N (already had 2 of those), it couldn't start with a letter that rhymed with E (like B, C, D, E, G, V--because we already had 2 of those), and it needed to be 2 syllables (because only our oldest had 2 syllables). That narrowed our options down. There were still some pretty awesome names to choose from, but not the entire World's!

  18. Everly has been on my girls list for years!!

    Also love Elliot!

  19. I never responded and Im so sorry .. but thank you so much for all your sweet comments and all your encouragement and suggestions! I loved reading all of them! And I loved finding the new blogs of those who commented for the first time! ;)

    PS: Becky .. I used photoshop to make the board. I had no idea what I was doing to be honest! ha