Wednesday, August 15, 2012

smoochie face

our non cuddly son definitely makes up for it by the number of kisses he loves to give.

I think that he thinks its a game to say "mwah" over & over again and lean in for a big fat one.

And like any good mother I make the siblings give each other lots of kisses and document it so I can embarrass them when they bring girlfriends to the house one day.

This was Wylders last night as an 11 month old. He'd be waking up as a 1 year old the next morning and it melts my heart seeing these pictures.











and of course then there are these moments too:


and we're done! Bed time!!!

I actually just heard him waking up in his room saying "mwah" over and over again laying in his crib. Not sure what he was giving kisses to but its cracking me up. It also really makes me wonder sometimes if he is going to be that boy running around the playground in kindergarten kissing all the girls. ha

Im thankful for his sweet little heart that even though he doesnt crave affection the same as his brother for the time being he loves to dish out big slobbery kisses. 

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