Wednesday, August 1, 2012

pillow fights

We finally hit the point where our boys think its funny to wrestle. Wrestle meaning, River pushing Wylders back and Wylder falling over laughing. I guess they arent truly wrestling.. yet. Thankfully as Im not sure where we stand on it yet. I mean can we just stick to tickle fights? What? 8 and 9 year old boys dont want to just tickle fight??? You dont say!?

The main challenge (today) is River is still so young its hard for him to understand whats appropriate. Especially when we are trying to teach River not to push or hit Wylder when he gets frustrated .. Wylder just ends up laughing and River ends up confused.

"what.. I cant push him for taking my train.. but look at how happy he is?"

And I can tell that any day now Wylder is going to push back. I have a feeling River wont think its nearly as funny when that happens. Wylders got some aggression in him.

Moving on .. Wylder's love language is definitely wrestling around though. He wont sit in your lap or cuddle or snuggle or hug you to save his life. (my mother keeps reminding me that he gets his lack of affection from me) But if you get on the ground with him he will basically SPRINT over to wrestle & climb all over you. Its definitely when he is the happiest. The funny part is I thought River was a "rough and tumble" little boy until Wylder showed me what that really means. Im learning that River is much more sensitive than I realized. He's just as happy wrestling around as he his cuddling on the couch. I love that about having 2 kiddos... they teach me so much more about each other!

Here is what a lot of our afternoons look like these days:

(Especially once Freeland gets home)

















See what I mean .. pure joy! 

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