Friday, August 31, 2012

pictures from our old house in Erie, PA

I was about to post some pictures of our new house (the progress .. not the finished work as nothing is finished) and then I realized I should probably go back and post pictures from our OLD house that I never did.

It was so funny going back to see these because even since I took these so many things changed. Any touch of black furniture was white before we moved. Half the other furniture we sold. I think in the dining room we went through 3 chandeliers, 5 hutches, and maybe 3 different tables. We sold all of them when we got new ones. And by we .. I mean Freeland. But it was always changing.

You still get the general idea though. And I'll still remember the house even though this definitely isnt how it was by the time we moved.

*PS: clearly Im no decorator. Anything you see that you like probably Sarah deserves the shout out for. Im mostly sharing these so I always remember our sweet little first home as a family of 4!

that mirror I found at a garage sale for $20! Isnt that amazing. Its incredibly heavy and awesome. The pictures are pictures Freelands dad took and we have framed.


we sold that piano, the table, and the chandelier .. and we're about to sell that rug.

GAH, that picture looks so crowded to me

PS: this was a picture of the room BEFORE it was blue. YIKES:

living room before
Hi Maddie & Oliver!!!! (also Freelands first day of his 2nd year of med school!)

Hey Freelands beard! And Eddie! (another before shot)

dining room before
here is another shot of the green and us painting it... of course with the help of Sarah & Drew!

also this is when we painted the piano.  (by we .. I mean Sarah)

picture worth a thousand words
THIS PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS. (more on that maybe sometime later! ;)

I think this was the day after we painted.  (again, it looks so crowded?)

Which, as you could see in the last picture, River was 5 months old. So it was a long time ago. Before we moved we got a new rug. All that black furniture was white. My office (I was still working at the time) then became a playroom.. and there were lots of other changes Im sure.. and stains added.. and fingerprints everywhere.. and dont forget all the spit up from Wylder! ;)

Moving on. Here are other random details I found pictures of:

sam ate that plant.










Our bedroom:
This picture is sold old Eddie was still in it. ;(

We painted the walls gray. I loved them. It was one of those spur of the moment ideas that worked.

Also, I think this is the first time I have ever had a bedroom somewhat decorated in my life. (meaning not just the room that gets all the left overs) I remember the night after we did this telling Freeland that it was the first time I enjoyed being in our room. Why is the bedroom always the last place I put effort in to?


the jewelry holder Freeland made me (before all my jewelry was on it)


later we put a fireplace here:


(rivers piggy bank)

Rivers room:
Rivers Room

Rivers room
his messy bookshelf and toy chest but you get the idea



Wylders room:

Wylders Room After
we hung his sonogram pictures there, the sign from the hospital, our baby pictures, and a baylor vintage flag. It was cute. Just imagine it! ;)

Wylders Room After

Wylders Room During

Wylders room
Wylders room was also our guest bedroom

Wylders room

and those are the only pictures I could find. All that was missing was the kitchen but it was nothing to see. Oh and the basement .. but it was just a basement. Id change so many things already about that house but it was perfect at the time and Im thankful that we were able to use what we had and pay sooo very little to decorate all the time!

I loved this house. It was such a blessing and an example of the Lord providing before we realized we even need it. When we moved here we werent even actively looking to move. The landlord called us to see if we would be interested! (how CRAZY is that!) The house felt WAY bigger than we needed so we were super hesitant. (even though the cost of rent really didnt change from the tiny townhouse we were in) But every time we prayed about it we felt like it was what we were supposed to do. And then what do you know .. a month later I found out I was pregnant! Then the next year found out I was pregnant again!! How awesome and faithful was the Lord to give us a house that was exactly what we needed during that season! We had lots of great memories and the Lord was also so faithful to provide lots of great friends and community to constantly fill the house with too. (which was our original prayer for the house before I knew I was pregnant!) how awesome!

PPS: River just ran up and saw these pictures and yelled "ITS HOOOOOME!" how funny that he remembers it. Im shocked. Breaks my heart a little and makes me thankful at the same time!

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  1. love this post and i love your (old) home. only sad i never got to see it in person. thanks for sharing!